Wednesday, 11 November 2009


It's safe to say the wanderlust has found me again
They say, "Don't look on it in this place--
Don't dream of it in this place."
But I say, " 'Fore the dark and dust can claim me again
With wings, I'll journey fast to your face
Seas, country, mountains--your face."
It's safe to say the wanderlust has found me again.
- "Wanderlust" by Shawna Howson

You guys I think I need an Agony Aunt. Or like, I need my circumstances to be different in that I need an Agony Aunt but I - Already! Know! What! She! Will! Say!

Please excuse me while I watch the videos for sad/lovely songs that I have favourited on YouTube.

Recommendation: The ever-lovely Shawna Howson and her blog full of poems. She's publishing a book of them very soon in time for Christmas. More on that later.

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  1. You can borrow mine, if you'd like. I think they're exchangeable. I think it could work.