Monday, 2 November 2009

NaNoWriMo - The Problem With Hayley

Well I'm two days in to my NaNoWriMo journey and it's all going okay. I'm not exactly on track for winning exactly, but I am writing every day which is something that doesn't usually happen. I'm still trying to figure out what this character does exactly, what his problem is that he has to overcome. I've written about half of what I'm supposed to, but considering I had an essay due today that I'd only done half of yesterday I think I've done pretty damn well.

There is, however, one problem.

Hayley Hoover.

Currently Hayley is on over 8000 words and I am green with jealousy. How can a person write that much in just one day? I even got a 10 hour head start on her because of my time zone and I'm already exactly 6500 words behind her. Can somebody just sneak into her dorm and take her out for me? Nobody will know it was you, her dorm is haunted.

BUT SURELY ROHAN YOU ARE OVERREACTING you say. Well no! No I am not! Why? For on her blog she airily declares:
I really like it [my story] so far. It's awesome that I didn't plan AT ALL, and wouldn't even allow my mind to wonder into the territory of plot before last night, and yet I've organically met this really fleshed-out character and I can already see where the story will probably go. I love writing, guys.
Quite frankly it has become clear to me that she is not actually human, but some sort of genetically engineered cybernetic writing machine. Sure I could be using this time and these words to try and catch up to her, but I thought as a public service this was very important information. You have to know the danger we are all in. If she wins NaNoWriMo this year she could become so powerful as to write us all out of existence.

Ha. Well, only a total loon would tie his self-worth to beating the person who has currently got the highest word-count out of everyone in his buddy list. But I, Rohan of the YouTubes, am that loon.

So now you know. Just so long as I keep within spitting distance of Hayley's word-count I'm going to be happy. Right now I'm not happy. Please excuse me this is going to take a little while.

Recommendation: Reading? Who has time for READING?! I'm a writer now!


  1. I discovered (or rather somebody pointed it out) the writing buddies status counters yesterday. The minute I found them I decided then and there never to look at them again. I love the idea that other people are writing when I'm writing, but I don't need to know their wordcounts. I'm only in competition with myself. And I'm going to make my 50,000 words in the way I've planned - 2000 a day.

  2. I TOTALLY understand what you mean about Hayley. I saw her word count and was like: WTF?!?! How much free time do you have?? I think I'm doing 'ok'.................... One of my buddies has passed, wait for it, 12000 words!!! As they say in Spanish: cómo se come eso?? (I think you mentioned you studied Spanish..?

  3. I'm talking to you on Skype right now. I MAY BE EVIL, BUT YOU FRATERNIZE WITH EVIL.

  4. I know what you mean. I keep seeing people's word counts and it intimidates me, but on the other hand it makes me want to write more! So on the 1st of November I didn't write 2000 (that's what I plan to write every day), but over 3400 words. And yesterday I wrote a little over 2000, but that's still more than my daily word count goal. I try not to look at other people's word counts because it's demotivating (but motivating at the same time!).

    Good luck with NaNo!

  5. All this talk of NaNoWriMo makes me want to jump on the bandwagon and become a writer...

    ...but alas, my busy life does not allow for such things. I don't know how you people do it! I know, I know, it is possible... and all of you are busy too... but... yea.

    My pull towards NaNoWriMo may or may not also be related to the fact that I have a Psychology essay due on Friday that I haven't started writing yet. Procrastination seeks out new forms... hmm...

  6. NaNoWriMo IS NOT EASY. Hayley is a freak of nature! An evil freak of nature!

    I am having so much trouble trying to get the words out, but I am determined this year! I will do it. I must.