Wednesday, 11 November 2009


It's safe to say the wanderlust has found me again
They say, "Don't look on it in this place--
Don't dream of it in this place."
But I say, " 'Fore the dark and dust can claim me again
With wings, I'll journey fast to your face
Seas, country, mountains--your face."
It's safe to say the wanderlust has found me again.
- "Wanderlust" by Shawna Howson

You guys I think I need an Agony Aunt. Or like, I need my circumstances to be different in that I need an Agony Aunt but I - Already! Know! What! She! Will! Say!

Please excuse me while I watch the videos for sad/lovely songs that I have favourited on YouTube.

Recommendation: The ever-lovely Shawna Howson and her blog full of poems. She's publishing a book of them very soon in time for Christmas. More on that later.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

I don't know what this is.

Okay so I'm doing a few things, and procrastinating-blogging is one of them.

First, look at this picture.

Isn't it lovely. (Notice the full stop indicating a statement rather than a question? They used to have a mark for that, but it got cut AND I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHY - more on this later)

This is the point in the blog where all my female friends start to feel uncomfortable under my lecherous male gaze. Poor things.

Another thing: I actually bought my plane tickets to New Zealand and Peru today WOOHOOZOMGZOMGNOWAI. I actually have next-to-no money now, which is rather sad, but that's how it goes.

Oh snap I need to email Dan and let him know when I'll be arriving/leaving etc. Later.

HEAVENS ABOVE I have not even thought about NaNoWriMo in three days. Well actually that's a lie. I am living in a constant state of guilt. My life is a misery why oh why did I ever decide to do this I am never going to live this failure down. Look, I'm even using run-on sentences. I'm that upset about it. This is an actual problem, you guys. What am I going to do?

Thing is I really believe in the story I'm trying to write. I'm trying to express an idea that I've been ruminating on for a while now and I think it's completely possible to do within the realms of a fictional story. It will be amazing: rich in metaphor, compelling characters with a strong developmental arc; I can already see the final product in my mind and the (completely justified) international acclaim it will receive upon its immediate publication.

But I am not writing that book right now. Right now my book is largely a self-obsessed one-dimensional fanfic of my own life. HOORAY! I am a hack, you guys.

Thing is (Yes! Another 'thing is'!) I think all authors feel this way. I need to keep reminding myself that NaNoWriMo is about creating a rough-rough-rough draft which will then go into several years of editing and rewriting. It would help if I could do word wars with people. That way it's all about the words and not about trying to write an internationally acclaimed novel which will be turned into a blockbuster indie-hipster movie starring Ellen Paige.

Another thing I'm supposed to be writing is my essay about distributing ideas on social networks via digital video. It's supposed to be 2000 words long and currently I have a rough outline of what I would like to write about should I ever start. I think this is going to be a GREAT WEEK.

Onward I move from strength to strength!

Recommendation: I am running out of off-the-top-of-my-head recommendations for books. I'm casting around my room and all I'm seeing that's worthy of recommendation bookwise are books that I know are good but which I haven't read. Instead today I will recommend a CD, A Collision (or 3 + 4 = 7) by David Crowder*Band. This is probably one of my all-time favourite albums in the world. It's like, a story? Kind of? But it definitely isn't a story. And there are themes! And... a Sufjan Stevens cover... and some bluegrass... with some rock... and a phone conversation at the end! Underneath the phone conversation is the violin solo from The Lark Ascending which, by the way, is what I want played at my funeral. So yeah, basically you should just track it down and listen to it because it is fully awesome. Kthx.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Quick short update. You know how it is.

As I write this short blog post I am listening to David Crowder Band through one ear because my headphones decided to stop working on the left side just now, tonight. I'm rather upset by this actually because it means I now have no possible way to descreetly listen to things on my laptop through more than one ear.

I'm thinking that I might just have to go ahead and buy an iPod shuffle (which comes with earbuds) because my iPod battery has been on the decline for the past two years as well. I can't really listen to it unless it's plugged into the wall. I got it for my 17th birthday. Hey, I don't like to just frivolously upgrade my technology okay? There are people starving in the world.

I'm kind-of-sort-of on track with NaNoWriMo in that there are periods of surprisingly efficient writing punctuating my general mood of artistic dispair. Still, I have a sense that Things Are Getting Better, and for that I am very thankful.

Everyone at work has apparently been saying that I look better with black hair than I did with my normal-coloured hair. My friend Alex told me at work today. She's got my back. That's good and bad, I suppose, because I was worried I would look silly with black hair and everyone would just be polite about it and not tell me. Well apparently they genuinely like it, but now they like it more than the actual hair my body is capable of producing, which leaves me with this uncomfortable feeling of inadequacy.

Please everyone leave comments suggesting what I should ask to get engraved into my iPod when I order it tomorrow. If nobody actually suggests something usable then I will just put an emoticon on the back, like: <(^^,)>

I feel bad spending $100 when I obviously need to be spending it on plane tickets and travel insurance for next year, but I freaking need headphones and a portable music player that actually works.

Not spell checking this. Feel free to laugh at my silly errors.

Recommendation: Matilda by Roald Dahl. This was one of my very favourite books growing up. This little girl bought it today while I was working in kid's. "They say books are better than the movies" she said to me, very earnestly. "Yes," I said, "I often feel that way too." Matilda the movie was OKAY but good grief why would you move a story so CLEARLY set in England to America? Usually I don't get all thingy about movie adaptations but that movie would have been better set in the UK. Just saying. Anyway, Matilda made me want to be smarter so that one day I would be able to make objects float around the room. It was the first book I ever read that actually convinced me that education was cool.

Monday, 2 November 2009

NaNoWriMo - The Problem With Hayley

Well I'm two days in to my NaNoWriMo journey and it's all going okay. I'm not exactly on track for winning exactly, but I am writing every day which is something that doesn't usually happen. I'm still trying to figure out what this character does exactly, what his problem is that he has to overcome. I've written about half of what I'm supposed to, but considering I had an essay due today that I'd only done half of yesterday I think I've done pretty damn well.

There is, however, one problem.

Hayley Hoover.

Currently Hayley is on over 8000 words and I am green with jealousy. How can a person write that much in just one day? I even got a 10 hour head start on her because of my time zone and I'm already exactly 6500 words behind her. Can somebody just sneak into her dorm and take her out for me? Nobody will know it was you, her dorm is haunted.

BUT SURELY ROHAN YOU ARE OVERREACTING you say. Well no! No I am not! Why? For on her blog she airily declares:
I really like it [my story] so far. It's awesome that I didn't plan AT ALL, and wouldn't even allow my mind to wonder into the territory of plot before last night, and yet I've organically met this really fleshed-out character and I can already see where the story will probably go. I love writing, guys.
Quite frankly it has become clear to me that she is not actually human, but some sort of genetically engineered cybernetic writing machine. Sure I could be using this time and these words to try and catch up to her, but I thought as a public service this was very important information. You have to know the danger we are all in. If she wins NaNoWriMo this year she could become so powerful as to write us all out of existence.

Ha. Well, only a total loon would tie his self-worth to beating the person who has currently got the highest word-count out of everyone in his buddy list. But I, Rohan of the YouTubes, am that loon.

So now you know. Just so long as I keep within spitting distance of Hayley's word-count I'm going to be happy. Right now I'm not happy. Please excuse me this is going to take a little while.

Recommendation: Reading? Who has time for READING?! I'm a writer now!