Saturday, 31 October 2009


So the response to my thing was generally pretty positive both here, on DailyBooth and Tumblr. But, like, who's really going to say "I can't believe you dyed your hair black! It looks so silly!" to my face?

Oh wait. My mother. My mother said that to my face.

Still, I'm sure that's to be expected right? She's my mum and generally she prefers me to stay au naturale. Just wait until I get a tattoo OH WAIT SHE WILL NEVER FIND OUT - I AM A NINJA.

Currently I am sitting on a half-completed assignment due the day after tomorrow at 5pm. Tomorrow I will be working all frigging day and yet here I am, blogging away because I love you. This bodes well for NaNoWriMo which starts tomorrow because, even though I'll have yet another 2000 word essay and a screenplay due, I'll use my novel as a procrastinating technique. My blog, however, may suffer.

This year I. Must. Win.

All winners get 50% off Scrivener which brings the cost down to about US$20. I desperately want this program but I want to pay as little as possible because I am half-Scottish and therefore I want my money's worth. Interestingly this is also the reason why I chose permanent dye over temporary dye for my hair. Yes, some people genuinely practice this brand of tightassery; I didn't believe it either until I realised I was one of them.

Today I went to work dressed as Harry Potter because it was Halloween. I mean, never mind that I've never celebrated Halloween before in my entire life, THERE WAS DRESSING UP TO DO. Thus, I came to work with black hair, round glasses and wearing an academic robe. I was voted best-dressed by the staff and I had more than one customer tell me that I was totally awesome - in those words. And good heavens! The girls! I don't know if you know this, but if you want nerd girls to flirt with you then all you've got to do is pretend to be Harry. Why I've never thought of this before is beyond me.

Now if only I could get such a reaction when I am playing myself.

Do not fret. I know in the picture I do not have the lighting-bolt scar but rest assured I got that sorted out once I got to work where there were girls with makeup pencils. I swear they forget to draw it on half the time in the movies anyway. Someone should look into that.

If you have decided to undertake the madness that is NaNoWriMo then please add me as a writing buddy. Oh come on! It will be such fun! I have only the faintest of ideas for a plot AND YET I WILL PERSEVERE! MY TIGHTASSERY DEMANDS IT.

Recommendation: Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick - not because it is actually good, but because, like Twilight, it is outstandingly lolsome! In fact, if the two chapters I read on my lunch break today are anything to go by, it is EXACTLY LIKE Twilight in EVERY SINGLE WAY! Even down to the little things! The monster and the moody-yet-ultimately-useless girl meet in biology class, for example. And the monster is at first standoffish but is set to develop an abusive-yet-for-some-reason-desirable relationship with the aforesaid girl. In fact, the product description on Amazon is a dead ringer for Twilight if you change just a few names here and there. Oh! But it's not like Twilight at all! The monster isn't a vampire, it's a HALF-DEMON HALF-HUMAN! A Nephilim! Isn't that catchy?


  1. I've never heard of Nanowrimonth but I am so there! What a great concept :D

  2. just added you as a buddy :)