Friday, 23 October 2009

Punctuation Guide - Interrobang Tattoo

This morning I got up after six hours of sleep and an hour later I got in my car to go to work. The thing about having to get to work at 9 is that you can't get to work at 9. The traffic means that you either get there at 8:30 or at 9:10, so obviously I got to work a full half an hour early. I took this opportunity to get a coffee and read the Penguin Guide to Punctuation. As a result I spent my entire shift on a caffeine high and all my coworkers began to realise that I am not joking when I say I am a nerd. I am a freaking nerd. I read books about how to use punctuation because I think it's fun.

So anyway I was behind the registers today and I decided that I would out-happy anyone who tried to be rude to me. It totally worked. When people got all uppity about having to donate 10c to Coastcare before they could get a plastic bag I would give them this manic smile =D with the crazy-eyes O.O and they would just be like whatever and wouldn't complain.

Then Ellie (who is one of the full-time children's book specialists at my work) walked past me with a book of typographical tattoos.
"Ellie!" I said, "Ellie what is that book?!"
"It is a book of typographical tattoos!"
"May I read that book PLEASE?!"

Then, because business was a little slow, I got to look at that book of words tattooed on other people's skin. They had this page where someone had gotten an interrobang tattooed on their arm. The more I think about it the more I want an interrobang tattoo. But I will think about it some more before I do anything. Seriously though just look at it - isn't it awesome? Doesn't it just scream DISCOVERY and EXCITEMENT and THE OWNER OF THIS TATTOO IS IN THE POSSESSION OF AN ENQUIRING MIND?

I stood there behind the registers for a bit and marvelled.

Later, because we were feeling rebellious/wanted to improve our product knowledge, my coworker Kim and I had a chat about books that had different sorts of typefaces and odd layouts. Then we found them and showed them to each other. Then she saw the interrobang tattoo and was like YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET THAT.

All this put me in a euphoric sort of mood so every time a customer would come near I would try and spread the interrobang spirit. I think I was pretty successful.

I'm doing it all over again tomorrow.

Um, I have a few things to blog about in the next few days:
  1. Role models
  2. Derek Webb
They might actually just be one blog post together. Not sure yet.

Recommendation: The Thirteen and a Half Lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter Moers. It's my favourite book out of, like, all the books. It's also one of those books that use different sorts of typography to better convey the story. It's about a blue bear who wakes up one day nestled in a nutshell floating in an ocean. Then some minipirates adopt him and teach him how to talk, then he gets stranded on an island of ghosts who feed off his tears... it's just the greatest book in the world okay?


  1. I really like that word, Interrobang

    It could be a great name for a band or a movie

  2. Do it. I got one on my inner right arm. love it.