Saturday, 17 October 2009


I was going to do another blog today, but this game called Machinarium distracted me.

It's a point-and-click adventure game - remember those? It's a pretty straightforward, logical sort of puzzle game, and there are plenty of hints if you need them, so you never really get stuck. The soundtrack is nice too. Sort of ambient, but really good. It's interesting, but never intrusive.

The main thing for me are the graphics, though. Just look at them. I downloaded some wallpapers from the site and quickly realised that they are basically just screenshots from the game itself. Now they are gracing my desktop.

It is gorgeous!

Recommendation: This game! I know it's not a book, but c'mon give me a break here. You can play the demo before deciding if it's worth forking over the US$20 for the full game. I thought it was and I wasn't disappointed.

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  1. Eep! Not only is it old-school, but it's steampunk old-school! Rohan, you rock. I mean yeah, I know it's the game that's rock, but you rock in a different way. You're even AWESOMER (or rockier?) because you showed it to us, and so the game wouldn't be awesome (to me) unless you had blogged about it, and it'd pretty much be like If a tree fell in a forest would anyone hear it? If this game was never seen would it be Awesome?

    You know. That kind of rocking.