Monday, 12 October 2009

Family Things and Script Evaluations

I feel kind of obliged to blog again today, if only because I can only imagine that for the majority of you, coming to my blog only to find a somewhat-lengthy summary of the Biblical view of the treatment of women within marriage would be bitterly disappointing. I'll tell you about my weekend. Huzzah! And what a weekend it was.

Well! Last Wednesday my cousin Sam got married in a small beach ceremony involving only immediate family, but on Saturday the couple put on a wedding reception in Brisbane for extended family and friends. I love going to family things because my cousins are all made of awesome, and I don't get to see them all that often. I did some filming during the reception, but once that was done I was able to join in the general frivolity.

There where lots of people I didn't know there, I was wearing a name badge that said "Courtney Love" and there was the biggest bowl of Mexican food I will probably ever see. There was also a whole roast lamb, a hell of a lot of vegetarian curried salad things, two pavlovas, stacks of cake and a bar full of beer and various wines, including champagne. Considering the whole thing got started at 1PM and didn't finish until about 1:30 the following morning, it's safe to say a good time was had by all. I love that my family gets on so well with each other, and we have our own in-jokes. If I have kids and they follow the obvious genetic trend, they are going to be some of the best people I'll ever meet.

The next day we all had to get up early and help my sister Jenny and her husband Jaco move (I know right?) We where all exhausted and some of us where nursing hangovers, but we managed to get pretty much all their stuff out of their apartment and into their new house. It's a partially-renovated Queenslander - such a cute place, and it has one of the best decks I've ever seen. I think they have big plans for it in future.

Oh oh! In other news I had my screenplay for my screenwriting class evaluated today. Generally my assigned evaluator and my lecturers liked it, and they all fell in love with my characters, but told me I needed to better demonstrate how my protagonist had grown through his experiences. The moral of the story is that people should do things for the sake of being awesome. Nerdfighters has had an obvious impact on it. I should probably submit it to the Ning when I'm done.

It occurs to me that I haven't done my sign-off recommendation thing for my past TWO blog posts, meaning I owe you three recommendations right now:

The Man in the High Castle by Phillip K. Dick - A fascinating book about what the world would be like if the Axis powers had won the Second World War. It's one of the best sci-fis I've ever read, proving that Phillip K. Dick really is the master of that genre.

Jesus for President by Shane Claibourne and Chris Haw - The title makes it sounds like those Evangelicals are trying to establish a theocracy again, but this book is really a look at the early church and how its rocky relationship with Rome can and should be replicated in the world today. It's probably the best book about how Christians should relate to the political world I have ever read, and contextualises the New Testament in the culture in which it was written. You're likely to be surprised by what it says.

Devilish by Maureen Johnson - I didn't much like 13 Little Blue Envelopes (sorry Maureen!) but I enjoyed this one quite a lot. Set in a Catholic school, it follows a girl as she begins to discover her new friend is actually more sinister than she first appears.

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