Monday, 28 September 2009


First things first, images rock. I used to use them all the time. Once again I will not hesitate!

I like it because it looks like the chicken is talking

What did I promise you I'd write about this time? Screenplays. Lame. I'll do that later or something won't I. What was the next thing I said I'd blog about? Videos. Win! Okay let's go.

I need to step up my video production! I'm not ENTIRELY sure I can say this online, but I will say it here because I love you!

As you well know, I applied for a job with the ABC earlier this year. I did not get the job, but my marvellously sexy friend Chris did. The show starts this Wednesday at 9pm on ABC1 and you had better be there or I will disembowel you. I'm so excited for this. You have no idea.

When I say "I didn't get the job but my friend Chris did" I usually get people going "Aww that must be so HARD FOR YOU!" as if I'm secretly bitter that my friend could be more successful than me. I actually do not comprehend this train of thought - he is truly my friend and so I am really, really stoked for him! Jealousy doesn't even factor into the way I think about that whole situation. Plus, there is what I am about to REVEAL!

Even though I didn't quite get the job, the producers have been letting me know that there is an opportunity to submit audience content and that they would like to see what I can make so please would I make something? The thought of being able to do this is very exciting. I can do anything I want and submit it to proper, actual producers for their consideration. Hello! Yes please!

You can do this too by the way, so long as (I presume) you live in Australia. You can submit on the site starting from the 30th of this month.

So I am sitting here trying to think what thing I am going to pull out and submit the very second after the site goes live. That way I will look KEEN! Those producers will be all "Hey we have seen that young man's face before! We interviewed him! And now he is submitting things to us! LET'S PUT HIM ON TELEVISION!"

Rest assured, YouTubers, that this extra video production will not mean I will stop making things for my RoboFillet channel. That, after all, is what got these producer-types so interested in me in the first place. There are a number or video projects on the go right now so do not fret.

I cannot garauntee that you will actually SEE the extra videos though - at least not right away. If they don't get picked up by the bigwigs I'll be able to put them on YouTube as a bonus video (or if I'm feeling like a holiday, instead of a Poultry Press video) but if they DO get picked up for the show (and I'm hoping that at least one will, or why am I going through with all the effort?) I'm not sure I can actually put it on RoboFillet any more, because it will no longer belong to me. However, if this is the case and you are an Australian then you are in luck because it will be on television and you will be able to see it there.

Finally, in a comment on my last post I was asked to share my specialist knowledge of a specialist here online. Well, although I normally get paid for this sort of thing I'm beginning to think I'll make an exception because I love you. I'll make one book recommendation at the end of each post. Glorious.

Recommendation: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. You might begin to question the meaning of life there in the middle, but persevere because the ending is WORTH IT! I cried several times and felt more alive than before I had started.

Okay that's enough. Let's try and write something like a script so I can jump right in tomorrow.


  1. OMG rohan, i JUST finished that book yesterday. Glorious, glorious, glorious! I, like you, am exceptionally stoked for our friend Christobutt! But good on you for being very keen & inspired to contribute right away. The teachers have sent out an email to all the journo kids actually, letting them know to submit stuff to hungry beast.

    Anyhow, I hope you're well. Just breaking my commenting silence, etc. etc. (:

  2. The Book Thief is seriously amazing. I work in a bookstore as well, and recommend it whenever I get a chance. As in

    Customer: Do you have a motoring and transport section?
    Me: Have you read The Book Thief?

    That's like my standard answer to any question.

    Good luck getting on TV. I'll be watching!