Tuesday, 15 September 2009

University Life

The old paradox - that I have time to blog but nothing to blog about, and then no time to blog because I have plenty to blog about - holds strong.

In the days I did not blog, I was busy editing videos, going to awesome-but-all-too-short Relient K concerts and meeting up with YouTube friends up in Brisbane. I know right? Blogging gold. But time stops for no man (or something like that) so neither will I.

Today I went in to the uni for my weekly consultation with my lectuer about my videos and he was only kind-of happy with what I've been making. Like, he was pleased with how the videos turned out, but thought that I'm just repeating myself stylisticly. He's awfully hard to please. He's wanting some crazier non sequitur sorts of things I think. Things that people would pass on to other people going "hey look at this!" which isn't really the sort of thing I'm making now. I guess I'll work on it.

In telling me this he said "I just get this feeling that you've got this crazy, outlandish person inside of you, but he's all imprisoned in a straight-laced conservative shell."

Ever get the feeling someone has summed you up in one sentence? That's me right there. I know when I'm being lame and boring, but I can't help it sometimes. If I'm relaxed and with like-minded people then I can banter with the best of them. I guess I should freewrite more or something.

Meanwile, I can't stop listening to this:

Sound the church-bells,
Let 'em ring! Let 'em ring! For everything
Can be redeemed
We can be redeemed
Oh all of us
Oh happiness!

Thank God.

Finally, my procrastination is reaching critical levels. That screenplay I'm meant to submit next week? I only have a rough story outline... in my head. Strictly speaking it's not my fault, because I was paralysed by writer's block, but even strictly-er speaking writer's block is only for lame people, and not really an excuse at all.

Tomorrow harbours a lazy day because my lectuer is part of some kind of tertiary education union that's going on strike, so there are no classes. That's a win. Win all 'round.


  1. Oh I so badly wanted to write you an interesting comment but I honestly have nothing.

    Gosh, this must be writers block at it's worst.

    I enjoyed this blog anyway. I can't tell you why. It was just interesting. The song's a bit great, too :)

  2. I am SO excited for the new David Crowder Band album... they never cease to produce something crazy and different but absolutely wonderful and worshipful and something I end up listening to over and over! I'm still not sick of the songs from Remedy (or any of their other albums, really!), and that's saying something!

    Thanks for pointing us towards that video... much enjoyment!

  3. Ok I tried for about a BILLION YEARS (to be read as...about an hour) to embed a video in my blog yesterday, I ended up not figuring it out. And here YOU are all laa-dee-dah and video-ey.

    Nice blog btw, I sometimes catch myself wishing that my life resembled something worth blogging about...