Sunday, 6 September 2009

Um... hello?

I used to be good at this blogging thing. I used to tear it up and make lots of textual-noise on this, the Internet, a series of tubes.

"Used to" is the key phrase here. But then I went to Peru and got out of the habit. Plus having a publicly viewable window into the mind is somewhat concerning to me. I'm fairly certain that my public angsty entries from a few months ago didn't do me any favours when it comes to getting that job with the ABC... but in the end I think THAT was for the best. Not that television isn't something I want to do in the short- or medium-term, but because not getting the job means I can do other things I love just as much, and I don't feel like I have to impress someone I've looked up to for years.

Still, every time I read The Hayleylujah Chorus I have this almost-unstoppable urge to log on and spill every tender detail of my life. I mean, I've been pretty obsessed with Hayley (in the least creepy way possible, I swear) for what amounts to a semi-decent amount of time now. We don't correspond all that frequently any more besides leaving excited and strongly-approving comments one each other's videos, so I appreciate being able to hear how she's doing from her blog.

Far out that sounds so creepy. And actually kind of needy. That totally isn't the intention there, just that I'm sure that there are people out there who are just as not-creepy as me who would have the same sort of interest in my life, so I feel like I have a kind of responsibility to blog for them too. Do unto others etc.

Plus, blogging is very cathartic. I like it for that reason. Write every day they say. Keep it up! Keep it up!

So I've unlinked my blog from my Facebook. If my IRL friends want to read my words they're going to have to have enough interest to come to the site itself (or take the time to read the feed in an RSS reader). IRL friends are marvellous at misunderstanding things written online. Then the explaining has to start. Ever with the explaining.

So I will blog, and they will not be notified on the lazyweb, which will be a wonderful incentive for me to post whatever I damn well please. Plus, when I get my MacBook Pro in a week-or-so's time it'll get even easier because I will be able to blog FROM MY BED or FROM THE LOUNGE or ON THE VERANDA. Portable technology is portable!

So see you tomorrow, Chick-chick-chickens.

And leave me a comment or two would you? No comments is SO discouraging you have no idea.


  1. Your poor comment section is empty, let me fix that. (Because there really is nothing more discouraging than no comments. Except, maybe, realizing you're stuck in a pit of lions with nothing but a spoon for a weapon.)

    Yay for your reappearance on teh blogosphere! Agreed on the whole explaining-blogs thing. It's an update from your life - read it. No explanations. THAT IS THE EXPLANATION.

    Anyway, good to see your blog pop up on my Blog Feeds again. Good luck, keep at it, don't quit, etc etc.

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  3. I am also contributing to the 'no comments' section.. But I think in a few hours' time a lot of people will have written :) I'm glad you are keeping well. I know the feeling of 'I can't be bothered blogging' followed by 'I'll do it tomorrow'. I have been putting off my update for a few days now.... Although I offically only have 2 followers (even though friends of mine SWEAR that they read it).

    I have a question, though. have you officially graduated? I hope it's not a 'duh!!' question... I don't want to get a duck.... maybe a goose, but not a duck.

    Looking foward to future posts!!! :D

  4. don't tell me what to do! ;)
    more please.

  5. yay I'm so happy you're blogging again!!! I have missed teh rohan wordz.


  6. I heart portable internet!
    You know where I'm living at the moment, almost everyone has wireless internet.
    Sometimes I go on when I'm lying on the tramampoline. It's great.

    I enjoy your blog very much :) But I understand that feeling obliged to do something sometimes take the joy out of it, so write when you want to - I'll keep reading them regardless of how quickly or slowly they appear on my screen.

  7. Your writing style is amazing, and no comments are discouraging!

  8. I am commenting because I have a not-so-creepy interest in your life and the things you do.

    bwwwoockk cluck cluck cluck.

    I hope this is encouraging!

  9. Hayley makes me want to blog too. I tried, but I can't quite get into the swing of things. So either I'm not a blogger at heart... or... I just need to persevere and stop being lazy, haha. :o)

    I like having my 'internet life' (e.g. YouTube, Twitter, Blogs) separate from my 'IRL friends on the internet life' (e.g. Facebook). Not that I have anything to hide, but I just enjoy tweeting and making the occasional YouTube video and the VERY occasional blog without all my friends reading it. They don't have to know everything about my life, and if they do, I'd rather they found it out from being with me IRL rather than reading it on the internets...