Saturday, 26 September 2009

News about Work

I've decided it's okay. It's okay if I don't update every day, so long as I update a couple of times a week. I'm not going to beat myself up over leading a busy life. Still, blogging is the bomb, I know this from past experience, so I am going to do this gosh darn.

Still, having said that, it has been some time since my last post. After perusing my previous update I can tell you the following news:
  • I have been sideways "promoted" at work
  • I got that screenplay written
  • I am going to (have to) step up my video production
I will address each in its own blog post. Today: sideways "promotion" at work.

At work, the largest book store on the Gold Coast, I've been given the opportunity to become a children's book specialist, which basically means that I get to spend the majority of my time in the kids section under the Magic Faraway Tree and in the Young Adult fiction section. Sure, it also means I have to deal with the snotty children (as well as the nice ones) but I can totally handle that. I kicked some kids out of the store a few weeks ago after I got some customer complaints. I was all ALRIGHT GUYS WE'VE GOTTEN SO MANY COMPLAINTS ABOUT YOU... GET OUT!!! Like a boss.

Truth is, I feel best when I'm at work. I'm in my element there, surrounded by books, and people come in and ask me assorted questions about things. It's like being PAID to do pop quizzes for HOURS ON END! Why YES madam I know where Beowulf is and NO it was not written by Shakespeare! The Bro Code is over HERE sir, although I cannot guarantee that it will really help you pick up women and also did you know that the actor who plays Barney is GAY? Why YES small child we have MANY vampire books in store because they have been the latest thing for the past three years, let me show you some!

It actually rocks. Whenever I get depressed about having to go to work I think about how I'm going to be working with people I actually like, and that I will probably be able to recommend books to people that day. Recommending books is seriously the best, because I know how awesome the book that I'm recommending is, and I get to share it with other people. I'm confident there because I know stuff about what I'm doing and can actually help people. Plus I try and flirt with the nerdy girls who come in. I'm all HI WOULD YOU LIKE SOME HELP TODAY? and they are like no I'm just browsing thank you and I'm like OKAY NEVER MIND. Like a boss.

The downside of this, of course, is that I'm exposed to a MOUNTAIN of books that I'm DYING to read but that I'll never get a chance to. You've probably all seen that giant pile of books hanging around in the background of my videos. That's my To Read pile and I'm telling you it just does not shrink. Plus, buying books is expensive, even with the staff discount.

So anyway, this children's specialist job doesn't actually pay any extra, but it's likely I'll be able to keep my hours up even if most other employees get cut because I have the special skills of a specialist. Plus I can push all my literary tastes on the upcoming generation of readers. We will have a world of Rohans and Rowenas! THEY WILL ALL HAVE GOOD TASTE IN LITERATURE OMG!

No wonder my dad became a school librarian this is freaking awesome.

I know, librarian's son works in a bookstore - predictable right? Well save it, I've heard it all before.


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  1. Perhaps you should recommend to us, your loyal blog readers? I know that I would love advice from a childrens book SPECIALIST.