Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A Cheque, A MacBook and My Tax

I only got one comment on my last post, which, I suppose, is understandable. I didn't acknowledge how much I appreciated your comments on my other post there. I suppose if I don't acknoledge you then you don't want to talk to me, which leads me to believe you aren't reading, which means I stop writing. But the fault doesn't lie with you, dear reader, it lies with me. I am the only one who can break this Catch-22, and I intend to do so:

Thank you so much for your comments before!

I phrased that paragraph kind of strangely, and that makes it sound sort of inauthentic, but I really mean it. I like to read comments because I feel like they have been written especially for me (and really, they have been). My love languages, for those who know what I'm talking about, are words of affirmation and quality time, so comments actually fill both of those: you took the time to leave me nice words, thus filling all the desires of my needy heart; for that I thank you.

Today didn't go quite as planned. My appointment with my lecturer I was talking about yesterday got cancelled, so I had the whole day to amuse myself doing whatever I pleased. I'm not disappointed about not seeing my lecturer - I'll see him next week.

Instead, I deposited a cheque at the bank and went to the Apple Store to find out EXACTLY how much down to the last dollar I would have to pay to get my hands on a MacBook Pro. As it turns out I'll be able to afford it pretty much immediately, but I'll still sit on the idea for about a week so it appears I'm not being hasty about these things. I'm VERY excited about getting my own computer again because the computer I use at the moment is a PC desktop that is almost 7 years old. It struggles when editing large video files and doesn't have a firewire port. Also, it takes about half an hour to start up properly, like it's an old man rubbing life into his arthritic joints every morning.

Also this evening I finally did my tax. I'm pretty much finished now, but I can't submit it tonight because I have to ring up the Australian Taxation Office and check that Google AdSense income REALLY DOES count as "foreign income" and is therefore not taxable. If they tell me I have to pay tax on that I'm going to be pretty annoyed because I've pretty much escaped paying tax at all for the '08-'09 financial year. That makes my heart happy, because I dread the thought of my money going towards the running of our refugee detention centres or other things the government does that I have a moral objection to. I mean, that's kind of ironic, since I'm all for government supported healthcare and public education, which are supported by taxes, but hey if I want to flirt with Christian Anarchism then I will do so until I convince myself it's a bad idea. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's etc...

Speaking of refugee detention centres, how awesome is Liberal Senator Judith Troeth! When I heard she defied her party so Labor could pass the bill to scrap immigration detention debt I yelled "Oh THANK GOD!" at the television. The fact we used to charge illegal immigrants for the cost of their detention just irks every little part of me all the way down. At least now we won't be doing THAT any more.

I should probably go and study for an online exam I have to take at some stage during this week. It's for a subject I have very little enthusiasm for and the readings I need to learn are SO BORING. Then again I suppose that's what uni's all about.



  1. This comment is to serve many purposes:

    1) so that you will be spared the pain of "0 Comments"
    2) to let you know that I too share those love languages, and completely know what you mean!
    3) to say "blogs are fun" and that you should keep blogging.
    4) um, I guess that's it.

    oh and 5) Yay for MacBooks!

  2. even though i've never received a comment...EVER...from ANYONE...i'll comment on this inciteful/deligtful tidbit....by the way i checked at work and yes it is foreign income...so says the one they call accountant. i'm jealous about macbook pro too, but i personally like the Air, so i can post it to people whilst listening to Feist.


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  4. (sorry, I removed my last comment because I hate this keyboard and there were too many typos for my liking)

    I read you blog!! But I don't always comment because... well, because sometimes I don't think I have anything meaningful to say =/ sorry... I suppose I just asume that some little leprechaun that lives in your coputer will come out and tell you that I've actually read your new entry.

    p.s. I have barely any comments on mine too, Poppet :) we should create a club or something.

  5. Oh, I've been reading your blog. :P I guess I'll comment now so you don't feel unappreciated. xD

  6. Wow, I love your posts, they are so well written and insightful. Mine is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Love your videos too, keep being awesome.