Friday, 15 May 2009

SLGBSPEE - Melbourne

Before I go on my Grand Peruvian Adventure I am going on the Slightly Less Grand But Still Pretty Exciting Excursion to Melbourne. Partly I'm going to catch up with my friend Dan (who I am going to stay with in Peru) but I also scheduled it to coincide with the Melbourne Nerdfighter Gathering, featuring John Green.

Tonight I booked my accommodation - meaning I have finalised the last thing for the Slightly Less Grand But Still Pretty Exciting Excursion. I am, as you might assume, pretty excited. I get to go to Melbourne and see my friends Chris, Leuke and Rob. I also get to mix with Australian Nerdfighters. And I'll get to meet John Green! OMG!

Unsure how I will handle meeting someone who I count amongst my inspirations, I sent a tweet to his friend and fellow Young Adult fiction author Maureen Johnson. "Maureen" I said, "What do you suggest I should do when I meet John Green in Melbourne?"

She was prompt in her reply:

I suppose there is nothing for it. Maureen has spoken. I hope someone will film this because both my hands are going to be occupied with the shaking.

I hope John will still sign my books afterwards.

(Incidentally, doing a Google image search for the term "Nerdfighters" is probably one of the more awesome things you can do on the Internet.)

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  1. HAHA I'm curious, how did this turn out?

    I've only recently become aware of the nerdfighter community and I am shocked because since this rather amazing discovery, I have mentioned it a number of times to a few friends and they have been very surprised by the whole 'nerdfighteria' motion. This highly likely a reaction to my 'not so nerd personality' and all of a sudden I am calling myself a nerdfighter... But anyway, I think I need to help promote it, otherwise there will continue to be an increase of people unaware of the need to decrease world suck, and that is utterly tragic!