Saturday, 9 May 2009

An Odd Collection

I think it's official. Hayley is a better blogger than me. She has hers all updated all the time and stuff. I failed BEDA. I don't really feel bad about failing BEDA. BEDA is about the trying. Well I tried, but I also failed. It's just a statement of fact.

Speaking of Hayley, here is the related videos box from my latest video:

This is funny. Trust me! (Honourable men always say trust me!)

The other day I realised I have gotten to a point in my life where I can truthfully say "when I was a child". I really like this. When I was 14 I would say "when I was a kid" and people would always laugh, and then I'd have to explain myself, and then it would get awkward.

How awesome is Vladimir Putin? Wow. That is a sentence I never thought I would type. Still, any Prime Minister who "saves nervous schoolgirl with song" gets brownie points in my book, no matter how many times they invade Georgia. (Again, a sentence I never thought I would type.)

Facebook has targeted ads, so I always feel like it is critiquing my life based on the information I provide. It is usually pretty mean, but the other day it was exceptionally so. Check it out --->

I mean, what is it trying to imply?! And what kind of self-esteem issues do I have that I would be so anxious about these ads? What if I just started walking 30 minutes a day like all those government commercials tell me to? Actually, this paragraph is beginning to alarm me, so I will stop and shift your attention with something that is very strangeHEY EVERYONE LOOK AT THE STRANGE THING:

Yes. Sign me up for one Portugasm please. That sounds mightily wholesome.

Finally, John Green is coming to Melbourne. That sentence actually works with or without the comma. Like, "Finally John Green is coming to Melbourne!" or "As a final item out of this nonsensical collection of things I have here, John Green is coming to Melbourne."

Both ways, I have just booked my flight to Melbourne so I can see him. I will probably make a video trying to get his attention in the next week or so. That way he will be all "hey you are the guy who made that kind-of-touching yet also kind-of-creepy/inappropriate video for me!" Basically it will be an experience akin to my How To Say Hi To hayleyghoover video.

And now we have unintentionally come full circle. Hayley, I swear I am not really this obsess- OH LOOK A STRANGE THING AGAIN:


  1. You are an obsessed little stalker boy and I love you.

  2. Pffft. I know you're obsessed with me. But I'm more obsessed with YOU, so it makes it okay.

  3. Portugasm sounds almost dirty, except with the photo and all the touching it makes me laugh too hard to notice.

    Strange things are great!

  4. I failed at that blog thing as well.

    Guess will be seeing you in Melbourne(I'm probably the only one who isn't going to see Mr Green).