Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Email from my Lecturer

There are particular people who inspire me. The course convener for my class Ghosts and the Gothic is one of them (although I'm sure he doesn't know it).

Why? Let me share with you an email he sent out to all students in the course:


Two announcements about pending assessments.

1. The diary.

The diary is due for submission on the 29th of May before 5.00 pm. You do not need to print this (admittedly precious) document on vellum or papyrus - plain A4 will do splendidly, thank you. Nor should you feel that your diary must be bound in shagreen, velvet, eelskin or yak fur - a staple or paper clip composed of non-precious metals will surely do the trick. Most importantly, do NOT place each page in a clear plastic slip. As it is unlikely that I will be reading your diaries underwater or during a food fight, such precautions are unnecessary and will irritate me beyond measure. I trust this answers all possible questions, however, if I missed something feel free to email.

2. Final Essay Questions

I know you are all clamouring for the essay questions and I wanted to reassure you that your wait is almost over. They will be posted tomorrow.

Kind regards,

I think that speaks for itself really.


  1. Seriously. Why don't I get professors made of Win? *envyenvy*

  2. Hahaha. That's amazing. xD