Friday, 22 May 2009

Apologies if you read this

Did you know it takes a full ten minutes for Blogger to load this blog-writing page? It really does.

I actually have nothing to write about, but I feel like writing. I like reading people's blogs that are updated every day, but I feel like my life is just too boring to actually sit and write a page about every day. My life can handle Twitter because something dumb-or-amazing happens to me every day, but generally speaking it can be dealt with pretty succinctly.

Some times my friend Hendra from Sydney sends me a text telling me something or asking me something. Just randomly. I think he gets lonely. Today I got one from him saying "Sydney randomness: i saw an asian spiderman holding a giant blue plastic penis" It brightened my day.

I just had a brain wave. If you've known me for a bit you'd know I wear Converse shoes an awful lot. You'd also know I got my first pair signed by a DJ called Andy Hunter. I'm thinking I can get my current pair signed by John Green when I go to Melbourne. Then people will be all "Who signed your shoe?" and I'll be like "Billie Joe Armstrong" and they'll be like "REALLY?!" and I'll be like "No! Better! John Green!"

My imagination is a wonderful place sometimes.


  1. I got that text too. It had the same effect.

  2. heey I have been skimming your entries and I quite enjoyed the reading in between my revision!

    I think there is like some kind of personality factor that makes people subscribe to the same youtube channels and you don't really find out until one of these people mentions them: i.e. community channel and vlogbrothers.

    ok, this is starting to look kinda creepy, so I'll stop now. Feel free to comment on my blog, I'm afraid there's not much to comment on at the moment though :)

    please don't judge me, I have friends. Honest