Thursday, 16 April 2009


I have my Project Next interview tomorrow. As such I think I'd rather be going over my story ideas again rather than writing an epic blog post.

If you follow me elsewhere you'll know I'm nervous. I'm probably the most nervous I've been in years. I hope I don't sweat a lot when I'm there. Oh man they're probably reading this. Crap. Probably shouldn't have talked about sweat. Sweat of all things! Smooth, Rohan. Smooth.

I'm hoping to funnel these butterflies into my signature NERVOUS ENERGY! If I don't I may end up vomiting on Andrew Denton's shoes.

Wait, why did I write that as well? I was just joking! Just joking! Joking okay? My self-control is usually better than this I swear. Ugh!

The nervous energy thing only works sometimes. I don't know what actually makes it go. I suspect divine intervention.

Essentially, I feel like this

I need to talk about the news and politics with an authoritative yet cavalier air. I will do this by stealing jokes from webcomics I will hope they have not read:
Of course this is a filthy lie. I'll really be stealing my material from the good people I follow on Twitter.


Normally I'd say this is the kind of thing I rule at. You know, just chatting to people, trying to impress them and whatever. But this isn't any old high tea with ladies at the bridge club. This is MY FUTURE! Potentially I'll be face-to-face with people who I respect and are very influential in the industry I'm passionate about!

I suppose, if things got really bad, I could just show them this picture and run:

See you all after the fact!


  1. Who knew that Gimli liked sex so much?

  2. I hope this isn't too late (if it is, don't worry: I was thinking it earlier and just now got around to commenting), but good luck, Rohan! You'll likely do amazingly great.