Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Note to Self: In Future, Have a Plan.

You know that assignment I was doing yesterday? I finished it 15 minutes late, but it was all good! All good! The time stamp my university uses to mark assignments doesn't get changed until HALF-PAST the hour! WOO HOO!

If anyone wants to read an essay of questionable accuracy where I rave like a radical feminist about the depiction of the feminine in Gothic novels let me know.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I watched TV all night tonight and it was GOOD.

Hey guess what? I got my Rudd money a couple of days ago and I didn't even notice until just now when I checked my bank balance. Then, today, I got my first Google AdSense cheque in the mail. I feel like a personality or something. Cash for comment anyone? Telstra? QANTAS? No?

I wonder what I'll spend it all on? I've already done $200-worth on a new passport for my trip to Peru. I'm thinking maybe I'll save up and buy a laptop. There's an Apple store opening soon-ish in the same shopping centre that I work in - maybe they'll have opening specials.

I have a relevant tweet saved for talk about the stimulus package. Now where did I put it? Here? No that's not it. Here? Hmmm apparently not. How about this one? Oh! Wait, silly me. Here it is. Oh yes, and this one.

  • Get imunisations for Peru
Actually that's all. I really hope I'm not too late. Catching hepatitis would be such a bitch.

WOW. WEIRDEST THING: A man with the exact same name as a boy at my church who has a tumor in his brain just subscribed to my channel. I got such a shock.

In other news, I found two copies of Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska in Borders the other day. Unfortunately they are at the bottom of the shelf where it is unlikely people will find them. I'm thinking of buying a copy of each, then leaving a Nerdfighter note in the other two. Will keep you posted.

Not spending time on the internet sucks. Also I have no idea what I'm doing over Easter. AGMF or no AGMF? I dunno, but I want to see NewWorldSon again so badly...

Oh yeah. I forgot it's called Easterfest now. Stupidstupidstupidname.


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  1. How about instead you come to America? In particlar, the most boring part of the whole country? COME TO THE FARMLANDS, ROHAN. OHIO NEEDS YOU.

    ...For no particular reason.