Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My Browser isn't Even Meant to be Open

I have basically 1000 words to write tonight and I don't know from which orifice I shall pull them. Gothic literature why do you have to be so awesome but so difficult to write about!? I wanted to do WELL in this class! I don't know what I'm doing here. I don't know why Twitter is open. I have to get up early tomorrow and I am on the internet. Nooo SQUIRTLE I AM DYING!@!@121!32

You're convinced I'm busy right? I mean, I really am, but normally I wouldn't talk about it so much. It's only that I got more grief IRL for not making videos today. My greatest fans are the people that know me personally and that makes me feel special. Special and guilty that I haven't been making more videos for them.


Today, because I'm a really well-balanced person, I opened up my YouTube page to see how many subscribers I have. I found this:

Astonishing. There's something lovely about round numbers, but there's something lovelier about not-quite round numbers. It's the ANTICIPATION they elicit in my waters. Okay not really, I just can't afford to wait around for two more people who are still naïve enough to believe I will make a video any time soon. I have to prove I know my Gothic fiction!

Actually wait. I probably will make a video soon. Easter is coming up! Hooray! One week's holidays!


Do you think I can study enough that I can cover up the fact I habla pequeña Español? And that sentence most probably didn't make any grammatical sense? I'll still make a video though.THE IRLS AND CRAZY INTERNERDS DEMAND IT!

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  1. You're actually updating your blog. I'm liking this trend. Keep it up.