Friday, 17 April 2009

The Interview

My interview for Project Next was today. I would detail every little piece of it for your reading pleasure where it not for the fact that it is actually a BIG SEKRIT and you're not supposed to talk about it. I can talk about some things, but not what actually happens. Even Chris didn't tell me what would happen and he probably knew I would suffer for it. That's how much of a BIG SEKRIT it is!

Chris totally has my back, by the way. I think there are a lot of people who might think Chris and I are rivals, but no, we are like *this*. That's just so you know the magnitude of the SEKRIT - Chris wasn't deliberately sabotaging me or anything.

I don't know about the people that interviewed me (and yes, one of them was Andrew Denton) but my feelings on how it went go like this:

I'm happy with how it went. Of course there are always things that in hindsight I would change - I even had four-and-a-half hours at work afterwards to reflect on How It Could Have Been Better. I think if I'd been funnier or more articulate it wouldn't have made a difference though. I was probably funny and articulate enough as it was (although I would not have minded if I was a bit more articulate!)

There was one part I epically crashed and burned. The townspeople all gathered 'round to marvel at the warm fiery glow my failure was emitting. It was so large in fact, that I may have created new life through the heat and pressure generated from the crashing and burning.

But - BUT! - there was another part where I felt I did really, really well. I was in my element and I shone. I can quickly take a cornel of an idea and flesh it out in a funny and informative way - even under pressure.

So on the balance of things it could realistically go either way. I really hope I get it. I really hope Chris gets it too. That's our ideal scenario.

Anyway, the ferrets have stopped chewing out my insides now. I can be happy and actually get some sleep. Tomorrow I'll blog about the dream I had last night (the night before the interview). It is one of the most absurd things to ever... I'm not even going to finish that sentence.

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  1. Ah, hope it all goes well for you! Still, I'm pretty sure your crash-and-burn was actually a woahtastic 'splosion of WIN, and you're just tricking us with your powers of humble.

    I'll take those ferrets when you're done.