Monday, 20 April 2009

Immunised - (LOL! Not as angry as I look in here!)

Today I got immunised against Yellow Fever, Tetanus and Hepatitis A.

I had to go to Southport to get the jabs though (and they cost me a VERY PRETTY penny) and the traffic was terrible. I had people yell and shake their heads at me. It was totally my fault, so I suppose they were allowed, but I drove away going saying to myself why can't people have a little more GRACE?! I said this to myself, knowing full well that if I were in their position I would be just as angry. I suppose I was feeling, um, I can't remember the word for it. Protective. Of myself.

Ahem. On topic please. It wasn't that bad. I'm making it out like it was bad, but it wasn't that bad.

The ACTUAL story begins here:

So I went in to the doctor's office and he asked me a few questions about my trip.

Doctor: "So! Thistripofyours! AreyougoingtoMachuPicchu?!"
Me: "Um... I don't really know yet. Why?"
Doctor: "BecauseifyouareI'lltalktoyouaboutaltitudesickness!"
Me: *stunned*
Doctor: "Butifyou'renotIwon'tbother!"
Me: *processing*
Doctor: "..."
Me: "Can you... can you tell me anyway?"
Doctor: "Okayfine."

The doctor then went on to talk about all manner of ways in which I could die in Peru, (ranging from Dengue Fever to car accident) sans correct spacing and punctuation. At the end he asked me if I had any questions and I actually laughed. He looked confused when I did this. Then he quickly shuffled me off into the capable hands of a registered nurse, who spoke to me at a somewhat more relaxed pace.

The nurse was a lovely lady who re-explained everything to me so I actually understood what I was getting myself injected with:

Nurse: "So with the Yellow Fever one you're likely to feel sick in about ten days, but that's normal."
Me: "Oh okay."

Earlier the doctor had told me one in half-a-million people (or something) die from the vaccination, but that "let'shopethatwon'tbeyou."

Then the nurse asked me four times if I had any allergies, got me to sit on the medical-type bed and began the injections. The first two injections where fine, but on the third one she bumped me while the needle was in my arm.

Me: "Ouch!"
Nurse: "Ooops! Sorry! Nervous twitch!"


Yes. Well. I lived. But just barely. I'll probably get a bruse there now, just so you know. I even bled a little bit. Then I paid them hundreds of dollars.

They validated my parking though, so that was good of them.


  1. I'm at school, so I can't get on skype-- I just got your DM and thought, 'Huh. I bet he'll post his blog soon if he's online.'

    Doctors freak me out. They probably think I have a heart defect because I breathe so nervously when they touch me. Let's do it.

  2. "Defensive," is probably the word you're looking for.

    While I wouldn't jump at the chance to go to the doctor, they don't bother me all that much (probably cause I've only been a handful of times in my life), but you know what's REALLY freaky? The haircutters. They're evil, I tell you. Chopping away at extensions of your body... not cool.


  3. One of my best friends just came back from Peru and loved it. Even though she didn't have running water for certain hours of the day and got gastritis for a few days. She was there doing a month's rotation before she graduates from medical school, so she was (mostly) totally cool with the shots. Another friend of ours went to Belize instead and kind of skipped out on a shot or two in order to save money. Those get expensive! Actually, it's funny that he's the one that DIDN'T get sick... here's to hoping for the best!