Sunday, 19 April 2009

Father has Returned!

Dad came back from America today! Like every time one of my family goes over there they come back bearing Things You Can't Get In Australia. There are lots of things that fall into this category because America is a magical land of consumerism and orange cheese.

On this trip he brought back:
  • My Spanish Coach for the Nintendo DS
  • Santa Biblia - the Bible in Spanish
  • Alaska and Hawaii State Series Quarters

He did not, however bring back:
  • Swedish Fish
I could have imported all these things, of course, but at great expense. My Spanish Coach is THE BEST EVER!!! In actual fact it's a gift from my sister (a late birthday present) and it's going to help my study of Spanish immeasurably. It marries up with my lessons at uni really well, so it'll be a great - easy - way to study. The lessons and games use the DS' functionality to its full potential. If you're learning a language it's a really useful tool.

I also have a new life goal: to read the Bible in Spanish. I've read it in English (The Message version, which is a paraphrase of questionable accuracy!) - not cover to cover, but a book here and a book there over a couple of years (except for Lamentations because - well - depressing!)

I have been collecting the State Series Quaters since my first trip to America for my sister's wedding eleven years ago. Now I own them all I'm not quite sure what to do with them!

Unfortunately it is not all good news. I forgot to ask him to bring back some Swedish Fish. Thus, there are no Swedish Fish for me to eat. I have a sad face on my face.

But far out I'm am going to PWN this Spanish exam in a week! PWN IT ALL THE WAY TO PERU!


  1. I could so mail you some Swedish Fish.

  2. Are there any Latin people in Australia?

  3. oh oh!! If you ever come to Spain -well... in the next year or so- tell me!! Because Spain is MUCH easier to get to than to go to Latin America....