Saturday, 18 April 2009

The Dream

It occurs to me now that there is no way I can possibly convey the full absurdness of this dream to you. Partly because you don't have the stomach-weasels, partly because you haven't just woken up at two in the morning.

But that is the state I wrote down these words, 2AM, the day of my interveiw:
"Having crazy Twitter-inspired dreams where Andrew Denton is the young hopeful being interviewed and I am the old hand wearing a suit. In my dream we are watching someone on Twitter's (@maureenjohnson's?) daughter get kidnapped. She is in the room with us weeping. Andrew is explaining the benefits of Twitter to me as this happens. Also, the entire dream's dialogue consists of quoted song lyrics, which we half-sing half-say to each other,

Me: 'I got in a fight with a stenographer, afterwards she read me like a book'
Denton: 'Isn't it love? This rain that falls on the sinners and the saints?'
Me: 'I still love you, oh, I still love you, oh, even though you want me dead!'"

Recording my half-remembered dreams is something I do. I keep a notebook by my bed at all times for this express purpose.

I couldn't get the stenographer song out of my head until today. Now I've written about it it'll probably worm its way back in again. Such are the sacrifices I make for you.


  1. This is my story and like the glue on the binding, I'm sticking to it.

  2. I keep a notebook next to my bed because I always think of video ideas when I'm half asleep. Then I wake up and they're illegible or nonsensical. Or both.

    ANYWAY, hey. Thanks for your comment today. It means so much more coming from you, since I, like... admire you. And stuff. /awkward

  3. the song is Relient K isnt it? that would be a freaky dream.