Monday, 6 April 2009

Dragonball Movie

So who's going to see the Dragonball movie huh? I know I am.

That's kind of dangerous for me to say, because I have a lot of friends who are all ZOMG! I'M NEVAR SEEIN THAT MOOVIE GOKU ISNT AZN! THAY HAV RUINED MAI LYFE!!!

To them I say calm down! It all makes sense! Goku isn't Asian because he isn't human! You'll notice all the humans in the movie are Asians, but the Saiyans are not. Apparently this is how Asians see white people: as aliens with monkey-tails. And who can really blame them? Commodore Perry was a bit of a meanie you have to admit.

In actual fact I have no idea whether a Japanese production company is making this movie. It actually looks pretty American to me. Actually all I know of this movie is the trailer I saw when I went to see Aliens vs Monsters the other day. Whatever. I'm still seeing it.

I'm not even really a fan of the Dragonball series which is probably why I have no problems if the movie is crappy or not. I wanted to be a fan, but Cheez TV (the cartoon show that played Dragonball Z before school) kept running out of episodes of Dragonball GT and started playing the Cell Saga over and over again. I just had enough of that you know?

Except for 18. Remember Android 18? I had a raging crush on her for the longest time, which is probably the nerdiest thing I've ever done. You can write that one down to use against me later. I don't even care. Once I even saw a girl who looked EXACTLY LIKE HER while we were on a school camp in Year 8. It never occurred to me to actually talk to her though. What could have been. (Ha!) I never figured out how an android could bear children though. Those crazy Japanese; she clearly does not have child-bearing hips.

I fear I have just confirmed John Lacey's complaint about BEDA by posting this. It doesn't really matter though. It's an exercise!

Now I have to write about Demonised Femininity in La Belle Dame Sans Merci. Oh Belle Dame, you can take me back to your elfin grot any day. Lol. What am I even doing here? Why am I writing this? Okay blog done. Back to work.


  1. rofl, i havent seen the movie but i bet its gonna be good. not great, just plain good. i wanna see it badly! *sighs.

  2. Yeh, I know its kinda dangerouos lol

    Especially with like 400 reviews on the film before its even released.

    I read about another 400 from people who see it too, And they say what the other guys did.

    I mite go to see it, I heard they already got a sequal for the next movie coming out soon

  3. So you like your women (ahem) animated? Not that there's anything wrong with that. [Awkward pause]

    I quite liked Dragonball Z back in the day but I don't know if I'll get around to seeing this movie. Probably because I don't get around to seeing very much of anything at the cinema these days. Let alone what is (probably) a kids movie.

  4. This movie made me so angry. I loved Dragonball Z back in the day (still do) so when I found out a movie was coming out I got excited until I was informed it'd be with real people, then I knew it would be bad.

    Goku not being asian didn't bother me at all but they just messed up the story completely *frowns*.