Friday, 3 April 2009


Yeah sure I'll blog every day. I used to do it all the time. I'll do this with a little effort but no sweat whatsoever!

We all know I'm a dirty liar though right? I mean, I said "One video every Friday!" for my YouTube channel, but as soon as uni started that went well out the window. People are sending me messages asking if I'm dead. If I were to reply yes would it create a paradox requiring the Doctor's intervention? Investigating now.

So. No blog yesterday. That means two blogs today by my rules. You're welcome.

Why no blog yesterday? Because I was sleeping to an inappropriate hour, then went to work, then went for dinner and a movie with my harem, Jacinta and Ellen. We saw Monsters vs Aliens and it was incredibly enjoyable, but ultimately forgettable. Insectosaurus was the best. Why did the blob get all the air-time? Far out dude.

What sucks about sleeping late and going to work in the afternoon is that unless I've been up for at least three hours you can completely tell I've just gotten out of bed. I'm not one of those spring-out-of-bed people at all. It's something about the eyes which gives me away. My workmates think less of me now, I'm sure.
I'm working, can't you tell? All staff to registers please; I'm off to have a nap.

Oh hey guess what? I saw my pastor Ralph at work yesterday. I haven't seen him for a few weeks because he has a mystery illness which makes him constantly exhausted. It worries me a little bit that he's not really getting better. He was pretty well then though. He began distracting me by showing me a rubber chicken launching gun (yes, really) and saying "put it in your blog!" So guess what Ralph? I did.

It would get some vlog time too, but I didn't actually buy it. Perhaps on Sunday when I go in to work again. Also putting it in my vlog would actually require me to, you know, make a vlog. Can you tell I'm feeling guilty about this? I'm feeling pretty guilty.

Now I'll sleep, then write two 1000 word essays about Gothic literature, then write a blog entry, then have coffee with a friend from chruch. Did I convince you I'm a busy person?

Now excuse me, I'm very busy. Can't you tell?


  1. Hello!
    I just came across your blog and discovered something very interesting.
    I watched one of your videos and then progressed to reading this entry when I realized I could hear your accent in my head while reading it. I have never had this happen to me before so I thought I would comment.
    Have a lovely day.

  2. if you look at that photo of you at such an angle that makes the image look negative, it makes you look like the purple man himself, charlieissocoollike :P

    Just sayin'