Thursday, 2 April 2009

Andrew Denton vs Michael Parkinson - Project Next

Worked 'till 10pm today. It was pretty good even though I was only on registers. When you're on registers there is very little chance for you to help people; you just smile and ask if they want to pay 10 cents for a bag and then watch them scowl and then you ask them for their email address and watch them scowl again and then smile at them and then bid them a lovely day goodbye.

It was still pretty good though, all things considered.

In other news, Project Next got back to me with the details of my interview. In keeping with the theme of their outrageously difficult application form they have set the challenge to come up with story ideas for the what's topical in the news two days prior to the interview. The interview goes for TWO HOURS. Not even kidding.

It'll be worth it, though, if I can pull it off. I swear though, if Andrew Denton himself is there I will not be able to hold it together. I will probably cry from nervousness on account of how awesomely talented he is and how I will NEVER EVER COMPARE. Getting Andrew Denton, the interviewer second only to Michael Parkinson, to interview me would be like getting a sledgehammer to crack a walnut.

Actually scratch that, Andrew is a better interviewer than Michael. When Michael interviews someone (usually an old English man, like himself) it always goes like this:

Michael: "So I heard in the press that you took a rather savage beating over thestimulusprmmMyesMmmMMMmmmm."

Hapless interviewee:  "Why yesIgotafmmMmmMMMmyes."

Michael: "OhindeemmMMmmMMmmMMMMM!"

Interviewee: "HohohommMMMMMMMMMmmmyesMmmmm..."

Michael: "HoyesmmmMMMyesmMMMMMMMMMmmmmm."

etc etc

Andrew, bless him, is a lot more... clear with his speech.


The moral of the story is I really need to know my stuff for this interview because it needs to stand up to a hotbed of questions - no matter who is interviewing me.

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  1. I would suggest Andrew mumbles just as frequently as Michael does. It might just be the accent that is throwing you.

    Andrew can be very entertaining but the success of his interviews seems to hinge on how receptive the guest is to his jokes. He interviewed Lily Tomlin and she laughed and gushed all over him and asked if they could loop the tape and put his words in her mouth. But then he interviewed Annie Lennox about her most depressingly-themed album and made all these, "This must be the best time of your life!" jokes and Annie was not amused. It was like watching a trainwreck. So if anything I think the lesson here is to know your audience.