Thursday, 12 March 2009

Catharsis. Comeback. Sort of.

Oh AdSense. I love you, but sometimes you needlessly embarrass me.

Neglecting your blog much, Rohan?

Well yes. A bit. I have good reason though. Uni started back and it has been all distracty lately. Also my manager at Borders rang me up to give me my first week's schedule and the schedule was like "Blog? Poultry Press? Uni? Life? Volunteer work? Editor work? You have to be kidding me. PWND!"

I'm told the enormous workload is temporary.

I'm a bit worried about it actually. I'm supposed to be learning Spanish and reading lots of Gothic novels. Jars of Clay "There is a River" is my morphine at the moment:
So, give up the right
To control the waves that empty out your life
Above wild skies
Are the rays that break the shadows we design

Give it up, let go
These are things you were never meant to shoulder
Give it up, let go


I know the world can turn in different ways
Most of the time, we're simply hanging on
And under the signs of how we all behave
We might find the place that we belong
On the bright side I finally FINALLY sent away my Project Next application. I was really happy with it in the end. I was a bit ambivalent about applying because if I got it I would have to delay graduating uni for a year, but I decided it was an opportunity too great to miss. Still, that ambivalence meant I could afford to take risks in my application without worrying too much.

For example, my tone is pretty laid-back the whole way through, but I think that's what they were looking for. But I also mention mudkips and ask if it was dangerous that last Thursday I ACCIDENTALLY A WHOLE COKE BOTTLE.

It occurs to me that the Project Next people are probably reading this right now. This entry is a bit jumbled and not very professional so we'll see how that goes.

In other, other news - my birthday was on the 5th of March. Now I've been able to try it out for a week I've decided that I like being 21 very much. Some people from the Tubes even made me a birthday channel.

Take a gander at the videos by clicking on this little doo-dad:

Hooray widgets!

Turning 21 has granted me the auspicious ability to look after a Siamese fighting fish. At first it wasn't eating, but now it is. I didn't want to name it in case it died and I had gotten too attached thus driving me to insanity by way of grief. Now it seems fine and safe to name, though, so do you have any suggestions?

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    Name the fish Pig.