Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Picture awesomeness

It's oh-so rare for me to take a picture on DailyBooth where I'm like "That is a cool picture of me. I'm happy with that picture."

Tonight it happened. Unfortunately it was a picture comment rather than a picture that appears in my booth pictures, so I was like "Hey! This momentous occasion has to be SHARED WITH PEOPLE somewhere THEY MIGHT HAPPEN TO SEE IT!"

This is intended as no offence to Rob, whose picture I was replying to (I'm not implying nobody looks at your pictures), but not all my followers follow you and vice versa, so I thought I'd cross the streams a little bit.

Monday, 30 March 2009

News: Project Next

Remember when I offhandedly mentioned I applied for this thing with the ABC? Well it turns out I made the first cut. I got an interview for a job with the ABC. I know. Now I'm slightly less not-likely to get the job. I'm kind of pleased about this.

I actually felt like not applying there for a bit. I still feel a smidge ambivalent about it. If I get the job it means I have to defer my degree again, which I'm not too crash-hot about.

But seriously. It's a professional job. With. The. ABC. I'm probably not going to turn an offer like that down.

And really, who couldn't resist an applicant who answered questions like I did?
What do you find funny?

Well thought-out one liners - especially in political satire. High-brow humour makes me feel intelligent and strokes my ego. Alternatively, some of the biggest laughs I've had have come from non-sequitur internet memes - lower than any lowbrow humour ever conceived before.

Like last Thursday I was at the park and I ACCIDENTALLY A WHOLE COKE BOTTLE. Do you think it's dangerous? Also I herd u leik mudkipz.

What makes the above paragraph even funnier to me is that when I showed it to my mum for proof-reading (I'm cool like that) she said I was missing a verb after "accidentally". I would call her a n00b, but she's my mum.


I'm a bit weird and find jokes about grammar and punctuation funny. They don't have punch lines; that's the glory of them.
Provide an example of a factual TV program you think fails in its objectives.

You want me to go for the easy option? Today Tonight. It's pretty trashy, but then I think they WANT to be trashy… that means they're fulfilling their objective, right? The real failures in my eyes are those Real Medical Emergency programs. They want to be heartwarming but really it's just gore gore gore and deformed people. And why are they in such early timeslots? WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN ETC?!

My professionalism even astounds me. Who WOULDN'T want someone like that working for them?

I bet they think I am all Gen-Y, cutting-edge and adventurous. Little do they know I'm just lonely and in need of affirmation. AFFIRM ME INTERNET! AFFIRM MY FUTILE EXISTENCE!

(Oh by the way, Fake Stephen got fired after all. I have much vitriol for Telstra right now.)

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Fake Stephen Conroy Debacle: Telstra Fails

No time for anything. Soon I will not even have time to complain about not having time. I am savouring complain-time while I can, yet I have time for this quick one.

Fake Stephen Conroy was outed yesterday as Leslie, an employee of Telstra, Australia's largest telecommunications company. As a result, Fake Stephen was forced off twitter.

Telstra deny this, saying in a blog post that "Telstra did not shut down Leslie's Twitter account."

I don't believe it. I side with Leslie/Fake Stephen on this one.

But that's all backstory. This is what really pisses me off about the whole thing: At the end of that blog post I mentioned earlier, Telstra crow about how "Telstra is learning the best way to engage in social media - notice our response has come in the form of a blog versus a media release" and that "We believe transparency promotes credibility.  This post is about getting the facts into the open."

If Telstra were really concerned about transparency and being masters of engaging social media they wouldn't have restricted the comments on their blog to members only. I wanted to leave a comment, but I could only do so if I filled in the following form:

That's a lot of compulsory fields, Telstra! Would you like my first-born as well?

There is no way I am creating a special account with your website simply so I can comment. It appears nobody else does either. At the time of writing there is only one comment on that blog post. Commenting on a blog should be a given.

The kicker? Telstra's blog is called Now We Are Talking. No Telstra, we are not talking. Your blog is talking at us, claiming things as fact that are contested elsewhere, and you are making it as difficult as possible for us to talk back at you. You have also killed a clever, whimsical, Web 2.0 parody of one of our foremost politicians. You fail at social media. Go home and let us have Fake Stephen back. He never did anything to hurt you (ever!)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

These things happened to me today:

 Training for my new job at Borders. My managers seem like nice people.

My computer refused to copy a file because it existed.

Lol'd at Jess on DailyBooth.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Catharsis. Comeback. Sort of.

Oh AdSense. I love you, but sometimes you needlessly embarrass me.

Neglecting your blog much, Rohan?

Well yes. A bit. I have good reason though. Uni started back and it has been all distracty lately. Also my manager at Borders rang me up to give me my first week's schedule and the schedule was like "Blog? Poultry Press? Uni? Life? Volunteer work? Editor work? You have to be kidding me. PWND!"

I'm told the enormous workload is temporary.

I'm a bit worried about it actually. I'm supposed to be learning Spanish and reading lots of Gothic novels. Jars of Clay "There is a River" is my morphine at the moment:
So, give up the right
To control the waves that empty out your life
Above wild skies
Are the rays that break the shadows we design

Give it up, let go
These are things you were never meant to shoulder
Give it up, let go


I know the world can turn in different ways
Most of the time, we're simply hanging on
And under the signs of how we all behave
We might find the place that we belong
On the bright side I finally FINALLY sent away my Project Next application. I was really happy with it in the end. I was a bit ambivalent about applying because if I got it I would have to delay graduating uni for a year, but I decided it was an opportunity too great to miss. Still, that ambivalence meant I could afford to take risks in my application without worrying too much.

For example, my tone is pretty laid-back the whole way through, but I think that's what they were looking for. But I also mention mudkips and ask if it was dangerous that last Thursday I ACCIDENTALLY A WHOLE COKE BOTTLE.

It occurs to me that the Project Next people are probably reading this right now. This entry is a bit jumbled and not very professional so we'll see how that goes.

In other, other news - my birthday was on the 5th of March. Now I've been able to try it out for a week I've decided that I like being 21 very much. Some people from the Tubes even made me a birthday channel.

Take a gander at the videos by clicking on this little doo-dad:

Hooray widgets!

Turning 21 has granted me the auspicious ability to look after a Siamese fighting fish. At first it wasn't eating, but now it is. I didn't want to name it in case it died and I had gotten too attached thus driving me to insanity by way of grief. Now it seems fine and safe to name, though, so do you have any suggestions?