Saturday, 21 February 2009


How many other millions of blogs out there in the Intarverse have millions of posts entitled 'Update'? Millions and millions. That's how many.

I will not break with tradition. It's a signal that this post won't be any kind of great poetry anyway.

So run awwwaaaaaayyyyyyy! Run awwaaaaayyyyyyyy!


The Poultry Press has been sitting on the edges of my mind like a deranged chicken, one eye slightly larger than the other. "SQUAK! LOOK AT ME! BA-KAWK! I AM YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES! COCKADOODLEDOO! METAPHORS ARE STRONGER THAN SIMILIES!"

That is what this particular chicken says. She is very annoying.

I've had excuses though! Oh unassailable excuses! First day my camera didn't have enough battery power left, the next day it rained all day and was too dark to film. Tomorrow I'll try again, in-between morning church and evening church.

I've started to go to morning church again; oh my. I never thought I would see the day. Someone told me I should go these next few weeks (although I can't for the life of me remember what the special reason was) and I figure I may as well keep it up after it (whatever 'it' turns out to be) is over. It would be nice to know why I'm cutting my sleeping time tomorrow morning, but I guess it'll just turn out to be a surprise.

Yay for surprises.

In other news I got a job at a Borders which (that?) is opening near where I live. I'm rather excited by this, because it means I get to work in the book industry again! I've missed it so much this past year. I like to recommend books to people. And you can bet I'm going in and leaving Nerdfighter notes in the Australian versions of Paper Towns. Maybe not in my own store, but in other stores definitely.

I won't complain if there are already Nerdfighter notes in there though, ifyaknowaddaimean.

The new job means I can see John Green (the author of Paper Towns) in Melbourne when he comes. I can visit Dan at the same time. The thought of that is more exciting than I can possibly put in to words.

Also it means my trip to Peru is becoming more and more of a sure thing. The job itself won't completely get me there, nor will another job I've picked up editing a magazine, but I should get some for my 21st birthday in about a week (5th of March).

I'll probably still need to scab money off people though... is it e-begging if I make the option available for people to donate money to my trip? It's not like I'm going on a holiday - I'll be working with street-children, like in Aladdin. They won't be Middle-Eastern though, they'll speak Spanish. Also there will be no genies voiced by Robin Williams. There will probably be singing though.

It'd be kind of lame for me to put up a PayPal link for no reason. How about we test the waters at the end of a blog post nobody will probably get to the end of? If you'd be hypothetically interested in donating money to such a trip, let me know in the comments. It's not like you're obliged to donate if you say you will though. I'm not going to hunt you down with sniffer-dogs demanding your freely-given donation. Like I said, this is a HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO!

Those were happy-caps, not angry ones.


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  1. Yay for the Border's job! (I wanna work at a book store!)

    Also, the Paypal button's a brilliant idea.