Sunday, 22 February 2009

I like to think I'm up-to-date with the latest trends

Filming is just not happening today. I know. It sucks because after I got over my apathy I found I really wanted to film/edit/upload today as well. But it rained and all the light ran away. I have filmed proof of this.

If, however, you are hankering after my face then you can go to my DailyBooth profile, where there are lots of pictures of me pulling funny faces. A new picture every day in fact. I'm a class act donchaknow.

As an example of the kinds of wonders you will find there, please find enclosed my latest picture (now you know what I'm wearing oh my!):

It is captioned Aaaaah the noisy noises! With all this sound pollution I'll never get to film this video! Yes! Captioned! IT IS LIKE HUMAN LOLCATS.

It occurs to me that considering a big ol' mothersized chunkload of the users there are from YouTube, it would be a perfect place to farm pictures for Lol Tubers.

Don't talk to me about how this is the latest in a series of websites enabling an already narcissistic generation to continue revelling in its megalomania. I've heard it all before and I don't care. Also it means you don't know how to have fun and you are dead inside.

Stop whining and leave me a picture comment. You'll like it I promise.

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  1. Okay well since I am not allowed to point it out, I'll just note the Google Adsense ad in the sidebar.

    Living with Narcissim?
    Partner Narcissitic?
    Overcome love locking you in.
    Deal with the abuse