Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The best hater comment I have ever received. Ever.

BoredOnMars writes:

"You don't understand how long I tried to find this goddamn video after first beholding it, attempting to comment, creating an account for the express purpose of commenting, and then re-drudging this from the slime. Now that I have found you, nearly all of my vitriol has been spent. Nearly. But not all. This meme is a disgrace, and the fact that such a prodigious number of views assails my eyes is a testament to the supreme inanity of this community and I feel soiled for being a part of it."

You don't know how stoked I am to recieve such an eloquently-worded insult. Seriously. It is amazing.


  1. Ha! This is hilarious. The wordage almost makes it sound complimentary!

  2. This is a beautiful insult. We should all have an opportunity to be insulted like this.

  3. I dunno. It's hilarious, but they kind of sound like a really pretentious douche. I love a good vocabulary and all and use those beautiful big words myself (especially when I'm drunk, weirdly), but come on. It sounds nice (for an insult, lol), but most eloquent, I would hardly call it. Maybe without the unneccessary, superfluous rhetoric. :\

  4. ahh.. don't you love it when someone creates an account just to bag you. such an honour!~

  5. I actually agree with them.

    I mean your video was a very nice implementation of that particular meme, but it doesn't change the fact that most internet memes are inane and pointless and probably stand between a lot of people and the possibility of original thought.

    The 50 Things video was beautifully edited, but why did YouTube choose to feature that and not a Poultry Press video (which is more creative, more original, more interesting)?