Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Letter to my Lecturer: Extra Class

Last night I checked my uni time table and discovered the uni added an extra class to one of the courses I'm doing called Ghosts and the Gothic. This is a humourous email I wrote but did not send to my lecturer. (The course outline specifically mentions Buffy the Vampire Slayer as one of the texts).

Dear David,

Upon checking my uni time table last night I discovered something that has caused me a great deal of concern: an extra 8am class has been added to my time table!

Do you know when this class was added? I distinctly recall neatly fitting my time table in to three days upon enrolment, leaving my Fridays free for activities including (but not limited to) sleeping past the 6am wake-up required for me to specially attend such a class. It also ensured I would have enough petrol to last me the whole week, rather than filling up on weekends when the price is expensive.

How necessary is it to attend this extra class? I notice it is a 'screening'. Does that mean we will be watching Buffy the whole time? Buffy is awesome, but I don't think Buffy is awesome enough to wake up at 6am for. I think Buffy would share my views on this, because even though it would take Herculean self-confidence to battle the undead, I think Buffy is the kind of girl who wouldn't be offended because I'd rather sleep in and save my money and the environment by not driving all the way to uni to specially see Buffy.

I'm sure the extra class comes as much of a shock to you as to me, and maybe you also share my views on Buffy. Perhaps we could slay the time table administration staff (for surely their lack of heart betrays they are in fact the living dead?) Would you like to schedule a coffee-date so we can plan such a scheme? I eagerly await your reply.

Disgruntledly yours,


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  1. What do you study in Ghosts and the Gothic? Sounds like an interesting subject. But, 8am classes are just a huge no-no.