Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Rohan needs to be aware that the magic of Bipasha works well on youngsters.

Rohan looks like shit.

Rohan says nothing, but there is sadness on his face.

Rohan wants to make money and hence wants to marry a richer girl.

Rohan does not have a limit to how many times you can do it.

Rohan hates to sit in the high chair.

Rohan asks you to casserole the browned meats in a mixture of white AlbariƱo wine and beef stock.

Rohan likes to spend time discussing films, reading and a bit of travelling. (Crazily accurate!)

Rohan eats lemons in the Winter.

Rohan wears them only at night, and now does kaka in the potty almost all the time and never in his sleep.

Rohan was arrested for the arson attack on August 23, 1969.

Rohan loves going to his Montessori school, with his friends Jacque & Matthew.

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