Saturday, 17 January 2009

Dear Mr. Supercomputer

Usually I put music on my autoplay. I do this because I'm more interested in knowing how many people actually watch my videos rather than looking like lots of people watch my videos.

Also it means I can promote music I think is really good.

Today I changed my autoplay to this video (a song by Sufjan Stevens with a video edited together by RobinLoxley):

But I wanted to post this video (again, music by Sufjan Stevens and video by RobinLoxley):

I didn't post it because it's a bit graphic, and would probably offend a lot of people. I still want to promote it somewhere though because I think it's a really great video and makes quite a statement. Very poignant considering what's going on in Israel and Gaza right now.

Lucky you. You got to see it. I guess that's why you read the blog huh?


  1. Id like to take a brief moment to point out.....

    That I do believe i was the first to introduce you to our Honorable Mr. Stevens.

    ANNndddd... if im not mistaken... I am also responsible for your acquaintance with the Polish Ambassador. WHO, you used in your recently featured video entitled "51 Things From My Room"


    You owe me a feature.

  2. Well Mr Garrison I'm afraid you are mistaken! My friend Skittle introduced me to Sufjan. The Polish Ambassador really is your responsibility though, so maybe that feature isn't so out of the question after all.