Saturday, 10 January 2009

Cleanfeed Censorwall

My Poultry Press Cleanfeed Censorwall video:

The response has been overwhelmingly positive!

It was the most discussed News & Politics video in Australia today and the second highest rated and second most-favourited News & Politics video in Australia today. I even made it on to the Global top rated videos today (#98).

I wasn't sure my old subscribers (being used to me prancing around being silly) would take to a serious video. Turns out they love it - they found it articulate, intelligent and funny.

I've never loved my subscribers more than I do now <3!

Edit - next day: Looks like it only got more popular over night. I won't keep posting edits here because I know you don't care, but I was the number one news and politics video in Australia today for both most discussed and top rated lists. Woa! Maybe I should take up this "reporter" thing full time?


  1. It really is, articulate, intelligent and funny =]

    koodos! Looking forward to your next "serious" video.

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  3. Wonderful job with an extremely serious topic of children and porn.

    Any chance you can do a story on politicians trying to take away our Vegemite?!?