Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Catharsis: Phones, Politics, Obama and the Poultry Press

 should be getting ready for Poultry Press filming tomorrow. Oh yes it takes me a full day-and-a-bit to make those things. If I forced myself to do it every day I could probably get it down to a couple of hours but I'm not going to do that. I have other things I need to do.

Like wrestle with phone companies and things. Yes. The communications industry. What a great field to get involved in, Rohan. Such great thinkers reside there.

Enough. Thinking those things only makes me angry.

Poultry Press is a great distraction. There's so much I want to cover I'm not sure where to begin. I already have one part all planed out (NO IT'S A SKRIT I'LL NEVAR TELL UUUUUUU) but the rest is a great jumbly mess of oh wow this happened and let's make fun of these people and omgomgomg guess what happened this other time?!

Making fun of the phone company in question (Hint: it's 3) isn't off the cards for a SUPER BONUS VIDEO but that'll all depend on how well (read: how badly) the call to customer service goes tomorrow. My personal communication woes are not noteworthy and so won't make it in to the official Poultry Press video.

I suppose I can't have a blog post about now without mentioning the event that's run off with all the headlines today. Obama. Yay-well-okay-party's-over-now-let's-see-what-he-can-do. I'm still pretty happy, because I think he's a good guy. I'm worried about the American Congress though. It's no good to have the Senate and Congress full of one party. Look what happened when the Howard got his Liberals (read: conservatives) in the House of Reps and the Senate here.


Okay I'm going to respond to some more featured video comments now.

Obama picture via Katrina's Twitter.

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