Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Most Wonderful (Sign)post

Leuke just posted (and by 'just posted', I mean about 12 hours ago) an entry I envy so much that I just want to steal the whole thing and put it here.

I won't though because that would be mean.

--> Clicky

Instead you should go to it, if you haven't clicked the link above already. It describes my weekend better than any pictures could.

He calls me a 'mass of limbs'. He also gave me a Yoda button and a soapstone twitter-bird when I saw him in Sydney. He gets my favourite emoticon:



  1. I wasn't sure what was more impressive... that you were a 'mass of limbs' or that Rob liked wearing towels more than clothes.

  2. That is an amazingly large link... xD Thanks!