Sunday, 7 December 2008

A Melancholy God Loves Us! - Andy Hunter, Fade.

There's a song on Andy Hunter's album, Colour that I just can't get over. It's not the most ingenious song ever, but it is beautiful.

It goes like this:
When you walk out of my light, the colour fades, the colour fades.
When you loose your way and walk alone, the colour fades and runs
Like tears down my face.

I can give you life. I can give you hope. I can give your heart the love it's looking for.
Give you feeling, I can bring you joy. I can make you who you are. Who you are.

When you walk a rugged road, your heart is heavy. Darker than the evening sky.
When the path is sinking sand, I am reaching out to pull you through to higher land.

The colour fades when you walk out of my light.
The colour fades when you choose to walk alone.
The colour fades when your path is sinking sand.
When I first listened to it I misheard "light" as "life" and assumed the verses were directed from a person to God. I thought "this song isn't very theologically sound" (I think this more often than you know). God doesn't do the walking out of people's lives - it's the people who leave God. At least it is to say; God has never walked out on me yet, and some trustworthy people have told me he never will - so the most logical thing to do would be to believe them.

But when I realised my error I was awestruck: this is a song directed from God to us! It reminded me of God's actual love for us. People talk about God's love a lot - so much that we become desensitised to the idea. It doesn't cause the wonder that it should (that God would love us?! Really?!)

This song broke through that and showed me a God so hopelessly in love with us - with me even - that he would do something as reckless as sending a part of himself to die in order to reconcile us to him. This is a God who cares about us so deeply that there is nothing he wants more than to see us living at our best in his goodness, and he would stop at nothing to see that become possible. His concern for each of us is so great that when we stray he is hurt, individually, so much that his world loses all colour.

And that is why I love him.

Last night I listened to this song in the dark over and over. I encourage you to listen too:

You can ignore the visuals - close your eyes and listen.


  1. wow, i really love that song...thanks, i really needed this today!! God bless :]

  2. I will pay you so much money if you send a clip of yourself saying, "this video isn't very theologically sound." lol ;)

  3. I want to thank you.
    I have been feeling just a wee bit down.
    This really helped.