Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Maureen's Blog

As per usual my brain has stopped me from blogging before midnight. Believe me I would love to blog at regular hours but it's like my brain says to me NO STOP! YOU MUST NOT DO THIS OR YOUR BRAIN WILL EXPLODE!


My brain has also taken to talking to me in capital letters it seems. It might be that it thinks I'll pay attention if that happens, or it might be the caps lock key is jammed in there again. It could be either one.

I find it terrible that I can never find inspiration before the ghastly hours. I promised myself I'd wake up at the normal time to wake up tomorrow, but now today is tomorrow and I don't know if that's going to happen any more.

You can't say you're not a morning person if you never actually wake up in the morning, after all. How would you know?

Can I use this post as an opportunity to point you to a place of wonder? I may have pointed you here before some time in the murky past but it is well worth pointing there again. It is Maureen's blog. Maureen Johnson of book writing fame - not other kinds of fame.

I went and looked at her first post and it's about Googlegangers; of which she has many (thus "not other kinds of fame" - keep up). On the topic of Googlegangers I am extremely lucky in that I do not have any! When you Google my name it's all 100% Rohan. As in the Rohan that is me.

But that is all an aside. I was prompted to point you to Maureen because she writes these amazingly funny posts that make me laugh out loud every time. They are long and don't come all that often (although they are regular) but they contain little gems like this, which can be found in her latest post:
Back when I was an editor, I had an assistant named Cartography Jones (not his real name, but a name I bestowed on him). I spent the majority of my time at work trying to make Carto’s life better, and one of the ways I did this was by hiding pictures of lemurs all over his desk. Dozens and dozens of pictures of lemurs... Sometimes the lemurs were under his mug. Sometimes they were in a book, waiting to be discovered weeks later. Sometimes the lemurs were in his lunch, carefully placed just under the wrapper of his sandwich when he stepped away from his desk...

Because I was his boss, Carto knew that the many, many pictures of lemurs that haunted his every waking moment were important, and good for his personal and professional development. Sure, they made him shaky and screamy and sometimes he would beg for NO MORE LEMURS, but I would just smile and nod and send him more important e-mails, only some of which were full of the moony, crazed faces of lemurs.
In case you are wondering what a lemur is exactly, the picture she supplied as an example can be found on the side. She actually talks about lemurs at great length - much to my delight. She also talks about her fears (jellyfish) her passions (Christmas cheer) and her ongoing campaign for zombies to win the ideological war against unicorns.

Well tomorrow is going to be a busy day (yet again). I had better go to bed so I'm all ready to face it and kill it when it comes. Except for the fact that it has already come, but I've talked about that already.

I'll leave you with this video that I like edited a while ago:

YouthStreet News is my favy.

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  1. Oh crap...that thing that attracts the shark in Madagascar 2 is a real animal. That's creepy