Monday, 8 December 2008

Kevinnnnnnn Man!

Look what I found in my inbox:

Now when I bitch about something on twitter, the PM will ostensibly listen. You know, me and the other 2773 people he follows.

I asked him for one of those economic stimulus handouts they're doing at the moment. Sure I'm not a pensioner and I don't have children, but I also don't have any money, so... you reckon Kev'll come through?

I asked him in lolspeak so I reckon he will.


  1. I thought Mitto was your dependent?! :O

  2. Warning. The comment i'm about to leave is unrelated to the post.

    Yeah! I love Summer Heights High so much! I walk around school saying "I'm glad you're here, Grandma's been raped" and no one gets my humor :/ It just started playing on HBO here up to episode 4, so I just download episodes from torrents so i'm ahead of everyone here :D