Thursday, 4 December 2008

High School Musical Reloaded

I found this note stuck to the computer screen:
I've got the day off tomorrow. I'll be making noise early.
- Mum
As ominous as that sounds I simply must bring back an old old old post I did way back in the day on the old Fillet Skillet. You know, the one that still shows up in Google ahead of this one. (Ugh) I've just gone to see High School Musical 3. It only just came out in cinemas here today, so of course as a hard-core fan *cough* I went to see it at the first opportunity.

Here is a post I wrote September 07 when I saw the first High School Musical movie. I'm sure it is just as apt for this movie as it was for that one.

"I think I may be the last person in existence who hadn't seen High School Musical. That is until a few days ago.

What can I say? It's a very Disney production. I've never heard quite so many keyboard-esque drum machines or seen so many dubbed lips on so many ridiculously attractive young people grouped together in one place in my life.

I'm not saying it was awful, but I am saying that it's just not in my age-bracket. It's also very... American. If it was made in Britain I'm sure it would be full of fairly ordinary people. Or at least the people in the background would look ordinary. They might be ugly, even.

Even the nerds didn't have any pimples, and that's an established cliché.

It's just something I've noticed, that American TV shows always have heaps of good-looking people in them. Americans are not beautiful people, nor are the British ugly, but the Brits don't seem to have a problem putting their normal-looking people in films.

Just a quick question, is that really what an American high school is like? I mean, sans singing and dancing of course. But do the kids really hole themselves away in those little cliques? Do the basketball guys really only associate with other basketball guys and cheerleaders? Are the popular ones really the sporty ones? Are the nerds really that protective of their... nerdity?

High School Musical, of course, ended how it was supposed to from the beginning. The awkward nerd-girl found herself, the socially pressured basketball guy successfully broke social protocol and fell in love with said nerd-girl, who was actually very good looking and not all that hard to fall in love with. Also, basketball boy's best friend and nerd-girl's best friend spontaneously fell in love in the last five minutes of the film. They were also very good looking, but in a quirky not-the-star kind of way. You know - they were black.

Also, what I just wrote were not spoilers - Jeshua and I predicted the whole thing after the first five minutes. I mean, come on, the plot is not what you watch this movie for. You watch it for the singing and dancing and the feel-good 'ahhh' at the end.

But Jeshua did have a really-quite-good idea for a movie. It's a movie almost exactly the same as High School Musical. In fact, it is High School Musical, songs, clichés and all, right up to the point where the two lead characters go up against the evil, blonde  brother-and-sister duo (read: "Germans" *taps nose*) for the lead roles in the high school musical.

What happens is that the blonde evil ones win and get the part, and then the film ends, leaving the children confused because their media literacy has just been violated. I think it would be quite educational for them in the long run, because it would broaden their horizons as to how a movie could work, and that they shouldn't have to expect their movies to work in the same, tired, old way.

I'm being quite negative - and let's face it, the voices did rather sound like they'd been run through a computer - but it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't show it to my own children."

So what do you think? I could talk more about it, but I'm afraid I'd be beating a dead horse. I'm not sure anyone's read this far anyway.

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