Wednesday, 10 December 2008

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I filled out one of those surveys today that've been going around everyone's blogs. I might still post it up (it's saved as a draft) but I thought this was a much better use of my post tonight.

The Australian government have put up a blog about "The Digital Economy" seeking feedback from the voters about policy relating to the internet. Predictably it has become a platform people are using to express their anger over the proposed censoring of the internet in Australia at the ISP level (like they have in China).

If you do not know about the blog already go and make your voice heard. Here is what I had to say on their latest topic:

"I do not live in a regional area (I live 10 minutes from the Gold Coast) and yet I cannot get a fast reliable internet connection. Currently the only thing available to my area are copper telephone wires which seriously limit the choice of plan, the speed and download limit available to my household. This severely curtails our ability to participate in the digital economy.

I hate to reiterate exactly what everyone above seems to be talking about, but the Great Firewall is only going to make matters worse. If my internet runs any slower or less reliably then certain activities on the web (such as uploading content to YouTube, or even downloading pictures) will become completely impossible. Not only is this Censorwall a terrible idea from a policy point of view, but there couldn't be a worse time to start meddling with our access to the internet.

We still haven't lost the opportunity as a nation to become real contributors to the digital economy, but the Censorwall policy puts it in absolute jeopardy."

I haven't spoken much about this because I want to make sure I really understand exactly how this works and the issues involved. I may make a video about it soon though, because the idea is a real piss off for me.

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  1. It is worth noting that department heralds itself as, "Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy." And still they can't make Broadband available in a lot of populated areas. They want to censor communications. And they want to render the internet, on average, 30% SLOWER thus making involvement in the 'digital economy' from this country largely impossible.

    If there is any karma in the world, something very very bad will happen to Stephen Conroy any day now.