Wednesday, 19 November 2008

What is Art?

One of my assignments this past semester was a crowd-sourced website. It was a group project and my group decided to make a site dedicated to the question What is Art? After pestering my social network I received some brilliant submissions. I thought I'd put them here, because the site they appear on now won't be staying up for much longer (which is why I'm not linking to it. Ha.)

"Sophia's dressed in and surrounded by flowers, holding her long golden hair as if being playful with it, arms stretched out ready to hug, eyes wide open and cheerful, hearts on the cheeks making her smile even more beautiful, a spoon in a bowl to show she made the birthday cake herself, and who is the birthday cake for?  Me.  Her mother.  And the dark storm clouds and rain are not there at all to put a damper on the scene, because Sophia knows I love storm clouds.  She's just adding my favourite weather.  Oh how precious!  

My heart melts when I look at this drawing.  It's made with love.  Love for herself.  Love for her mother.  And love for art.  Sophia draws every day. And every day expresses her feelings in her art.  Her drawings are one of a kind.  The more she draws the more she learns to see objects differently and her art will grow and change, and might no longer be about love, but include skill and many other things.  But right now none of that matters. Her art is pure love and priceless."

- MuggleSam

"I'm not sure if I'm necessarily an artist or if this is necessarily "art." However I like it. I 'drew' it in the early 2000's when I was living in Sydney. It is one artist's rendition of Sophie B. Hawkins who is - and has been for many years - a great hero and source of inspiration to me. At the time I had been dabbling with little cartoon like figures using nothing photoshop and a mouse. I made a remark about wanting to draw Sophie to a friend. I had all but given up in my attempts when I dabbled a bit further and came up with what you see below. To me, even with my shaky mouse hand and amateur art skills, it really encapsulates her innate beauty and sexuality. I love how unperturbed and unafraid she seems in the rendering, as if the world was really hers - perhaps hers alone - to conquer. I like the basic colours. I like the slight variations on shades to create depth and interest and a sense of shadow. I love how her face, hair and features are carefully defined with a black outline and yet somehow her neck just blurs into the ether and into the background.

Eerily - and this is something I hadn't considered until this moment - I had the opportunity to meet and photograph her years later. I remember now that in her first "meeting" at a JB Hi-Fi store in Sydney that she actually closed her eyes to sing in a few places. And I was there taking photographs with my first camera a little Kodak thing. It was so surreal."

- John Lacey

"This is a picture I submitted for my major, it is part of a series focused around memories. I think its art because it is aesthetically pleasing. A lot of people try and get overly specific about what is and isn't art, but who are they to decide? I have always held the opinion that if it looks aesthetically good, then it is an artwork, no matter what it may be."

- Rob Cameron

I hope it's okay to repost them here. I didn't actually ask, but, you know, I told them I'd be putting it on the internet - right?


Omigosh! I nearly forgot this one! And it's soooo cute!

"It's a small funny picture that we drew and it supposed to be a chicken - but with us it's hard to say! When you asked to send you art stuff we though we would draw this, and it appeared really nice and funny weird-looking chicken that we immediately fall in love with :) Maybe we will even join your club of chicken-lovers haha! Sounds nasty but we didn't mean it that way!!!! :)"

- Tanya and Tasha, the Dttwins

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