Friday, 21 November 2008


It was blazing hot today. Normally I laugh at people who complain about the heat on the Gold Coast because they are WEAK and DON'T KNOW WHAT HEAT MEANS and IF THEY LIVED IN DARWIN THEY WOULD SHRIVEL UP AND DIE.

But now I have lived in Queensland for a year and I have become weak too. Also the snow pictures my Canadian friends send me aren't helping:

Oh Shawna, why must you torment me with such things? I was inches from death today. Inches. Because life is measured in distance using the imperial system.

Nobody hazarded a guess as to what the gift I received was. Actually there was only one comment. I mean, I know I suck at leaving comments on other people's blogs but WHY WOULD ONLY ONE PERSON COMMENT?!


My blogging doesn't measure up to the sexual brilliance of Ben's latest blog. I don't even know what "bish" means and I'm absolutely hooked.

Today a family friend found one of Min's videos (below) and saw me in it:

Then when they talked to my parents today they told them about it. Now Mum and Dad think I'm internet-famous. I don't know what to do.

I'm going to be in a collaboration soon. It is only a small part but it's a start. I should make a video before I leave for that gathering thing that's on really soon too. That would probably be a good idea, because then it would look like I'm being really proactive with my video making.


  1. *sigh* it's actually snowing like crazy in Canada now. I swear the roads were like curling rinks in the morning...

  2. The moose and beavers were having the hardest time crossing the road. Though I must say that people were building their igloos and maple syrup shacks with ease.