Monday, 17 November 2008

Scattershot blog: Things that been happening

It's been a few days. I know you're all hanging out to know the particulars of my state of well-being, so allow me to fill you in.

As you may have gathered from lack of an over-excited post declaring my success, I didn't get the internship. Strangely I feel really good about this. I thought I would be at least a little annoyed or sad, but it just isn't the case. It's funny because it sounds like I'm trying to cover up crushing disappoint, but the day Ralph told me I wasn't successful was actually one of the best I've had in months.

That same day I received the most encouraging letter I've ever gotten along with a gift that will soon be benefiting ALL OF YOU EVEN IF I DON'T KNOW YOU NO I'M NOT KIDDING.

No I'm not telling you what it is, but I bet the cleverer ones amongst you can figure it out. (Mitto and John, no spoilers. Kthnx.) Okay here's a clue: There is a hot guy on the front.</obscurant>

In actual fact, despite a handful of things not going the way I would have liked, these past few days have been a crazy whirlwhind of awesome. It's just really amazing, the feeling that I had last post - that God is completely in control - hasn't left me.

Also some super-cool things have happened, such as finishing uni for the year, an amazingly relaxing-yet-challenging community day at church and some really damn awesome YouthStreet announcements (even if I do say so myself):

And to top it all I've had a visit by one of my favourite people, Dan Klopp. Dan is a friend of Ralph's who works with the poverty-stricken in Peru. He is also a contract-journalist with Current TV, so he was up on the Coast to film a doco about some of my friends who are professional wrestlers. No, I'm not joking (see picture above).

Dan and I really hit it off because of our shared interest in online video (actually, Dan just hits it off with everyone he meets, but we hit it off for this reason in particular). He likes to call me a celebrity and I to respond with a false "No! Stop!" like a teenage girl. After he did this a couple of times I told him about that phase when people were drawing my picture (you know, all two of them XD). He was wide-eyed and implied that I'd get Psycho-ed before long. Then tonight we had that delightful exchange via Skype you can see on the side.

I've probably missed something amazing that's happened, and there is one thing I'm bursting to tell you, but I won't just this second. My common sense is telling me to wait wait wait! Plus it would take another hour-and-a-half's worth of solid typing to get it all laid out and explained, so for now I'll just leave it all strange and unexplained.

I'm not even going to edit this. You get a scattershot blog.
Delivered over a wide area and at random; generalized and indiscriminate.
Thanks to Mitto's Facebook for the picture of Blaze-and-Flash-and-Fury-and-Liz-and-others-after-the-wrestling. I love you.


  1. Does this mean you're going to become a professional wrestler like Blaze?!

    Meanwhile I'm happy to fight 'Dan' for status as your biggest fan. =P

    (In Mortal Kombat voice... FINISH HIM!)

  2. This blog post doesn't have enough Dan Klopp imho.