Sunday, 9 November 2008


My blogger's intuition is tingling. It is saying - "You are going to freak out new visitors if you have that 1000 word review sitting at the top of your blog, Rohan! Do not have it sitting there any longer!"

"This is all very well and good," I reply, "But I have nothing to post. Maybe they will just, like, get over it?"

"No," says my intuition, "They will run and hide a million miles away from you and your opinions about Paper Towns by John Green."

"Very well," I say, "Here are some more pictures of my nephews. I shall even caption them lolcat-style so as to make them mildly humorous."

My intuition finds this only marginally better, but stays sullenly silent.

I has a perturbed

Ready to nom in 3...2...1...

I has teh remote!!1! U not be taken' mah remote!11!~1

F*** you!

Okay so that last one wasn't exactly lolcat style. But you can't deny its humour-value. (Notice his finger, all you glasses-wearing, I-don't-know-why-the-little-boy-is-swearing-at-me people. Honestly you guys should all be rounded up and gassed or something.)

It is at this point in the blog that my intuition *tisk*s loudly and walks out, slamming the door. ("Inappropriately humorous parentheses?! I hope your grandmother dies of liver disease!")

Well too bad Mister In-tue-ish-han! I don't have any grandmothers left - cancer and pneumonia!

Rohan -1 Intuition - 0

Also I have what amounts to a job interview on tomorrow aka today. Hopefully they don't read this blog before interviewing me.

"Oh you've come crawling back now have you..?"

Wish me luck!

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  1. Of all people, my boss introduced me to lolcats.
    "Mister In-tue-ish-han" haha, niiiice.
    I hope you will get the job!!!