Saturday, 22 November 2008

An Image Heavy Excursion

This was just going to be a boring old post where I repost a webcomic that I just saw which made me lol, but then I realised it could be SO MUCH MORE! You could get an insight into my inner-being!

So anyway, like, here's the comic. But then I'm getting to the inner-being.

Married To The Sea

Back in the bad old days of when I was blogging on Windows Live Spaces I didn't use any images in my posts. It was just big ol' blocks of text. And to think I wondered why my blog was unpopular. Oh ho ho ho.

So after a while I realised that this just couldn't go on and that I'd have to ad images for, you know, aesthetic pleasure. I didn't really have a system of organising these images and so I'd just dump them into a folder on my computer called "Blog Pictures".

Seeing as this system has served me pretty well so far I've never thought to change it. All the images I've basically ever used in a blog are just sitting in that there old folder.

Out of context these images are pretty bizarre. I thought I'd share a couple of them with you for gits and shiggles.

And there ends our excursion into my inner being. I hope you enjoyed it, because I live there pretty much all the time.

PS. This was on the bottom of the Married to the Sea RSS feed and it made me crack up. They have this and other bonus material in their feed so if you don't subscribe to the RSS do so right now!


  1. I think you are dead on the iside... you said LOL!!!!! From Ralph, your comment area of your blog is gay too, coz it won't recognise me as a typepad user! So I can't post a comment from me, I have to be annoynymous instead! I don't like being annonymous (or even spelling the word!!!!)NOT HAPPY: for the record :)

    By the way... love your work!

  2. Get Twitter you hussy.

    And I keep telling you! It's okay if you type it!

  3. Did Rohan just call his/our pastor a hussy?


    That word is impossible to to spell with the black American woman stereotype