Friday, 28 November 2008

Dear Anonymous

Yes, that was me at Greater Union on George Street.

I think it's funny when people send me comments saying "Was that you at such and such at this time?"

Okay. That makes it sound like it happens all the time, but really it's only happened once before. But still - funny. I can't explain why I find it funny though. I guess it's a little creepy  - the public is watching me because I've gone and put my face on the interwebs. And now they leave me anonymous comments saying so.

No, I don't mean creepy in a bad way. Like I said, it's funny. I don't know what it is.

I'm in an internet cafe right now so I've got to run. I've only got 9 minutes of time left. I mean, 7 minutes. Crap. Maybe I need to buy more interwebs.

This is a pretty good cafe though. For interwebs.

5 minutes.


  1. Interwebz cafes sound like fun! I want to go to one

  2. I still maintain it's probably one of the people who were also there with you. lol