Friday, 24 October 2008

Sydney Trip Number Two

Well I suppose you want to know how my trip to Sydney went, hmmm? It was wonderful. Very very. The only disappoint I had was I didn't need a gun to circumvent Liam's ambush plan. He was actually very cordial. Most of the trip was uneventful hanging around time, which doesn't sound exciting but really is.

I'll try and keep this relatively short and entertaining.

I got up incredibly ridiculously early to catch my flight. Everything went smoothly and soon I was catching the train up to where I was staying (which turns out is quite close to where Min lives, but hush hush on that twisty bit of info.)

I took the train straight back into the city after that to meet up with Liam. We walked around a bit getting a feel for the city and had mochas at the Lindt Cafe on Darling Harbour where our receipts looked thusly:

It made us laugh, like, a lot.

Later we went to see Eagle Eye, which was pretty good. After that we had dinner in The Side Bar, which also made us laugh. It's a really nice bar too - if we don't drink there during the November 29 gathering there are going to be words.

I got into the city around 11:00am but unfortunately Min couldn't join us. Most of the day was spent walking from food-place to food-place. In one food-place WE SAW JOHN GREEN!


Okay, so that might not actually be John Green, but it sure looked like it!

That night we had a drink at one of my favourite (yet very expensive) bars - The Watershed. I like it mostly because of its amazing view of the skyline (of which this is a small part):


The birthday collaboration went up at 2am on this day:

I caught the train into the city with Min, Nikki and Queenie (good times) and then... Liam, Min, Nikki, Queenie, Jack, Tiffany and I went to the aquarium!

The picture orgy:
Queenie and I, on the train

Min and Nikki on the train

Nikki, Min, a bit of Tiffany and Liam at the aquarium

Jack at the aquarium

Ghost Nikki

Nikki and Tiffany recreating the moment we found a lady asleep there

Me, underwater (really)

Our special friend; a fish MISSING A CHUNK OF ITS HEAD

Unfortunately it couldn't last, most of the above had to go back to uni, so Liam, Min and I hung out for the rest of the day. Liam and I saw Burn After Reading later that night - very, very good although Liam fell asleep (fail!) =P

Spent the morning with Min and Liam (they are very cute together) but then bid them goodbye =( I spent the rest of the day with my friends from church sorting out our hotel and seeing Sydney's sights. We also visited this music store Andrew and Tim were excited about.

That night we went to Passion, which is an American-based ministry for university students. That night defies description it was so good! Seriously. So. Good. I could write about it forever, but I won't because it won't mean the same to you. Let's just say it's the best conference/church service I've ever been to. Seriously life-changing.

Read about it on the Passion blog. And again. Seriously - do it! It also has pictures of the venue etc which are well worth a look!

We stayed up late that night and laughed ourselves silly tellling stories in our hotel room until the wee hours of the morning. During this time I learned Glen is a pirate. After that I went to bed and woke up only a few hours later to catch my flight to the Gold Coast with Ralph, Tim, Crystal and Alana. I was sad to go home - I have so many assignments waiting for me!


  1. LOL @ Liam falling asleep in the movie.

  2. ^__^ T'was wonderful to meet you sir!
    Glad you enjoyed the Passion, too =)

    p.s. John, me falling asleep in the cinema was NOT the highlight of the weekend!! xD