Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Reinventing Church - 12:One

Okay, I'm a bit annoyed that my last raft of posts have been so self-important. Maybe in reality they haven't been - but I feel like they have. That's the important thing here. I've been pondering my pride this past week or so. Perhaps there'll be a post on that in the next week or so. Then again, probably not.

The past two days have been spent lugging furniture around the house. We got new carpet installed and so everything had to be moved onto hard surfaces so the carpet-guy could tear the old stuff up. It strangely reminded me of that "the floor is lava" game I used to play as a child. Now the carpet is down but most of the furniture hasn't been put back yet. As a result I currently have a bookshelf living in my bathroom:

If only books and water got along I would probably keep it this way.

But that's not what I wanted to blog about! I want to blog about my church because I am excited!

My church is going through a period of... what would you call it? Re-learning how to worship or something. Lots of people there began to feel like the Sunday night service was becoming a performance and we were missing the point. My pastor has been blogging about it over at The Bean Bag.

I actually missed this feeling that many others were having (again, self-absorbed?), but I can understand why they were feeling that. Recently our services have been really stripped back. No lights, no music, no announcements, no tea-and-coffee afterwards. That sounds a bit boring, but I've found it to be a really positive difference. The entire thing is more God and community-focused as church should be.

Instead of a traditional sermon, Ralph (my pastor) has been leading talks with the whole congregation, getting imput, and asking questions. We're all bringing the things we've experienced during the week and taking them to God. Now we're slowly adding back the things we used to have, but in different ways. I'm so excited.

I just can't get over how perfect that church is for me. I never thought I would find a place like it. You have no idea.

(Also John you'll have your post about YouTube popularity soon, don't worry. This was just on my mind tonight.)

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  1. It's always so amazing to find a church you fit so well with. Ironically, I found one when I went to college miles and miles away from home :-)

    I hope all the changes at your church go well!